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I hear this a lot .. ” But eggs are bad.. right?  Or – you shouldn’t eat egg yolks – right?  ”  Take note – these comments are always followed with some doubt, because people don’t know the truth.

I’ll make this simple.  Eggs are good for you! The WHOLE THING (don’t eat the shell)

  They are good for your heart, eyes, brain, they fight against cancer (specifically colon cancer) and bad cholesterol (LDL) .  They help you digest fat and proteins .  Eggs also help you build healthy hair, nails and skin.

Want to know how?  And why how they got framed in the past with bad cholesterol? It’s also  important to be getting the right kind of eggs!  Read on for all these answers!   Knowledge is Power

McNasty Nuggets

McNasty Nuggets


     This is what Chicken McNuggets look like — Seriously!

From the site:  VegNews.com  This photo below has been extensively passed around the web today, and for good reason: it’s a peak into the rarely-seen world of mechanically separated meat or Advanced Meat Recovery (AMR).

Folks, this is mechanically separated chicken, an invention of the late 20th century. Someone figured out in the 1960’s that meat processors can eek out a few more percent of profit from chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows by scraping the bones 100% clean of meat. This is done by machines, not humans, by passing bones leftover after the initial cutting through a high pressure sieve. The paste you see in the picture above is the result.

This paste goes on to become the main ingredient in many a hot dog, bologna, chicken nuggets, pepperoni, salami, jerky etc…

The industry calls this method AMR – Advanced Meat Recovery.

Once the “chicken” has been processed, it has to be soaked in ammonia (to kill all the bacteria), then flavoring has to be added (because otherwise it tastes like s**t), and it has to be dyed, because people would freak out if their McNuggets were creamed-strawberry colored (the color of flesh and blood).

And then you feed it to small children.  Scary!

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And READ MY NEXT POST  here.. and on the MAC blog – on Eggs, what are they good for?