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Twelve Steps to Get Things Done


No Frills Personal Development

It’s become apparent that not everyone connects with, relates to or gains value from the traditional personal development language or paradigm. Or words like paradigm (for that matter). Many of my readers have shared with me that their partner (sister, brother, mother, father, boss) needs to hear these (types of) messages but they seem to have an aversion to anything that smells like ‘motivational speaker’. To be honest, I don’t blame them. Some motivational speakers are a little smelly. (more…)

Four Ways to Get a Workout While Watching TV

Why not get a workout while you watch TV? After a hard day at work many people, including myself, want to relax and watch television. Break the habit of eating while watching your favorite show and create a new custom. Get into a new routine by working out while watching your favorite program.

#1 Pedal during the program

With a mini pedal exerciser you can pedal during your favorite television program. This compact piece of exercise equipment allows you to sit in the location of your choice, and it is low in cost. I first noticed the mini pedal exerciser when I was at my friend’s house, who is in her 60s. This is a great form of exercise for people of every age.

Find time, for what really matters

Do you start out your day with great aspirations of spending time with your family, getting in a good run or catching that spin class at the gym, calling your mom and stocking up on good foods from the grocery store? How often do you get these things completed? What happens?

If you are like most people, life does. We get distracted – you check your email in the am- absently mindedly surf the internet, then you’re late for work ,  you forget to eat lunch. Get stopped by a co-worker who chats you up for 20 mins and you’re late for your kids game, forget the spin class. And so on… Life is hectic – there is a lot to juggle. Question is – could you be more efficient?

The number one excuse from clients and people I meet with, as to why they aren’t keeping up with their workouts or eating better- “I don’t have any time!” My answer – Really? Or do you just need to simplify – be a little more selfish – and set aside time for yourself , maybe say “no” more often. Remember you are a product of all your movements- the more you give in, the less you keep in good movements in your life. Check out my list of time management tips. I challenge you to exercise 2 new ones in the next 7 days. Then 2 more the week after.

15 Painless Ways to Free Up an Hour a Day for Your Goals

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” – Henry David Thoreau