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Wanna lose 10? Just HIIT it!

Apr 26, 2012

Happier, Healthier You

Our Drop 10 cardio plan will turn you into a calorie-torching machine. Find your weekly fat-melting schedule below. You can do the routines with any form of cardio you enjoy. Some days, you’ll HIIT it—as in, high intensity interval training; other days, you’ll dial it down. Begin each session with a five-minute warm-up, and end with a cooldown.  Fat, you’re on burn notice.

Why it works HIIT, which alternates all-out cardio bursts with active recovery, releases high levels of hormones that target pudge, especially body fat. Proof: Women who did 20 minutes of HIIT three times per week (8-second sprints, followed by 12 seconds of recovery) lost 5.5 pounds over 15 weeks; those who sweated for twice as long at a steady pace put on 1 pound, a study in the International Journal of Obesity finds. What’s more, the HIITers lost 9.5 percent of their tummy fat, whereas the cruisers gained 10.5 percent. Take that, jelly roll!

What to do Below are five weeks’ worth of effective workouts, all mapped out for you by your Drop 10 trainers, Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn, the California girls dubbed “the new faces of fitness” by Jane Fonda. You choose which days to HIIT it hard; for every two intense workouts, you’re rewarded with a take-it-easy day—not to mention a hotter-by-the-day bod. (more…)

Upgrade Your Abs Exercises

If your belly refuses to flatten, your workout is probably stale. Upgrade your favorite exercises with these tweaks and revisions. Plan on putting these moves into practice and get ready to experience transformed abs.

Side Plank and Row

Side Plank and Row

SIDE PLANK AND ROW(Replaces: Side plank) (more…)

Brrrr: 10 tips for cold-weather runners

Posted by Don Shelton

If you’re a Seattle runner like I am, you’re no stranger to running in cold, rainy weather. But the kind of bone-chilling temperatures and ankle deep snow that’s hitting the area now is a different matter.

We’re here to help. If you’re looking for some advice on how to stay safe and avoid a pratfall or injury, look no further. Here are 10 tips for runners to weather any kind of nasty extremes, courtesy of running coaches Jess Cover and Sam Davis from RunVermont. These folks seem to know their cold-weather stuff.

So read up and run on.

1. Layer, layer, layer: Layering clothes provides the perfect balance needed for winter running to avoid over- or under-dressing. When done properly, layers will trap the air warmed by your body while still allowing moisture and sweat to be wicked from your skin. Choose layers that can easily be tied around your waist once you begin to warm up; it’s important not to overheat while running since this can put you at risk of hypothermia. (more…)

The Squat, Supercharged

From the Editors of Men’s Health
Thu, Sep 15, 2011


You know squats are essential. But they come in so many variations—how can you tell which one is right for you? We asked Chris Proulx, D.C., M.S., a professor of movement science at Westfield State University in Massachusetts, to help sort them out. Proulx and his students tested five different squats—the four freestanding versions shown below. Volunteers performed the exercises standing on force platforms, which are high-tech devices that measure the pressure exerted through a lifter’s feet. The researchers also attached electrodes to the volunteers’ legs to see how hard the moves made their quadriceps and hamstrings work. Their pain, your gain. Looking to master the move before trying one of the variations below? Then use The Secret to the Perfect Squat to perfect your technique. (more…)

Member Spotlight – Carol McKean

Think you’re an avid cyclist? Meet MAC Member, Carol McKean, who is about to embark on a summmer cross-country bike trip with her husband, Bill.

MAC: Tell me a little bit about yourself?

CM: Well it took me a long time because I’m 71 years old. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin and I came out here after high school and I’ve been here ever since, except for a 6-year stint in North Carolina where we lived in Raleigh. I’ve always been sort of an outdoorsy person interested in sports and physical activity. Ever since our last bike trip about 4 years ago I’ve sort of became a slug and I was feeling very sluggish at the beginning of this year and then I got something in the mail about the opening of this facility and I knew we were going on this bike trip, so it thought maybe this would be a good thing to do. It was near our house, it was convenient, and I couldn’t use the excuse that it was too far away. So I came and took the tour, I liked it and decided I needed some structure so I signed up with Maryann and it was a great decision – both of them.

MAC: Tell me a little bit about training with Maryann? How does she push you?

CM: She made me work hard which was great. That’s exactly what I wanted. She gave me a lot of exercises to do, and so I worked out with her for four weeks in January and then went about 6 weeks on my own. I then decided to sign up with her again, going two times a week for two weeks, so I did that and then finished that about three weeks ago. I signed up with her once a week until we go (on the bike trip) because I decided I had to just stay with her until we left. I’ve been very motivated; I feel a whole lot better, lost 12 pounds. Things really have turned around, so I feel ready for the bike trip now.

MAC: You’re going on a bike trip with your husband soon; can you tell me a little about that?

CM: We’ve taken 6 long bike trips, two in Europe, and one on the Oregon coast. We took the mountain loop, went over the North Cascades Highway and back over Stevens Pass through Winthrop and Chelan. Actually, our first one was in 1996 when we went to Colorado for my husband’s 40th high school reunion. That was our first bike tour and we really like it. It’s a great way to go, you get a lot of great experiences; it’s an adventure, it’s great physical exercise and I think people think we’re nuts but this could be our last hurrah, I don’t know, we’ll see. For the first time I’m having a few doubts about coming all the way across the country but I hope we make it.

MAC: So it’s a cross-country trip… where will you be starting?

CM: We’re flying to Raleigh, NC and visiting some friends there for about a week. Then we’ll leave from there and go up through Virginia and along the C&O Canal Towpath, which is now a biking and walking path. In fact you can go all the way from Raleigh to almost Pittsburgh on a bike path, we don’t even have to go on a road so that’ll be great.

MAC: How long are you anticipating the trip taking you?

CM: At least two and a half months. I suspect we won’t be back until toward the end of July.

MAC: What has been your favorite (bike) trip so far?

CM: It’s hard to pick one because they’ve all been very different but the two in Europe probably were my favorite ones just because we were in such a different place. Our last one we went through, starting in Switzerland, went through Austria and the Czech Republic which was very interesting because it’s sort of a former third world country and some parts of it are still struggling to get back. But it was so interesting and we spent several days in Prague, which was a beautiful place, beautiful city, and we had a very interesting train trip from there to Munich, Germany. And all in all, I think for interesting experiences in a different environment it was probably my favorite one. And we were with a couple of friends for most of that trip.

MAC: What do you like best about the MAC?

CM: I like the atmosphere; the spaciousness and the newness of everything. The staff is very friendly and they just make you feel welcome and motivated to come back. I like it a lot. And it’s convenient to our house, I’ve walked down here several times or back or both.

Carol with her husband, Bill, in France on one of their many bike trips.

New Year’s at the MAC- Part 1

We’re over a month into 2011 and it’s about time to check in and see how those New Year’s Resolutions are coming along.  Not to single you out, but definitely to call you out, 40% of you have already given up on your resolutions.  If you fall into that percentage, don’t despair, chances are you only recently fell off the wagon, and it’s not too late to get back on! 

Much has been said, written and studied on the topic of New Year’s Resolutions, with varying advice on how to choose and pursue your goals.  Below I’ve bulleted a few key tips that will help you set your goals-if you’re late to the party- and how to stick to them.

  1. Write your goals down and share them with someone.  You will find strength in numbers and encouragement from friends and family who wish to see you succeed.
  2. Focus on the benefits of meeting your resolutions, this will help you power through the difficult days and moreover help you value the lifestyle changes that accompany the pursuit of your goals.
  3. Pick one main goal, don’t bombard yourself w/too many.  According to Psychology Today, “our storehouse of willpower is a finite resource that gets depleted throughout each day, depending on how often you call upon it to override temptation. That means that setting too many willpower goals at once – like losing weight, spending less, exercising more – is destined to fail… pick just one willpower goal – like exercising in the morning – and focus for six to eight weeks on just that improvement, all other self-regulation behaviors will improve, too.”
  4. Momma always said there’d be days like this: expect setbacks and persevere!  If your goals were easy they would have been accomplished a long time ago.
  5. Reward yourself for a job well done: don’t hesitate to reward yourself for the little victories.  Whether it’s a little treat, time in front of the TV, or a morning to sleep in, rewarding yourself for a job well done will give you energy to keep pursuing your goals.
  6. Do the best you can: if you fall off track, don’t get frustrated and start blaming yourself, leave yesterday in the past and do the best you can in the present.

If you’ve already dropped off from reaching your goals- pick it back up!  If you didn’t set any at all, consider the lifestyle change and benefits you can receive from setting specific, challenging and attainable goals. 

As always, the staff here at the MAC are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.  Please don’t hesitate to drop by the front desk!

-Maryann Boddy, CPT