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You Can Get Richer Pinching Pennies Like Warren Buffett

By Deborah L. Jacobs | Forbes – Tue, Jan 3, 2012 2:34 PM EST

Many people have tried to emulate Warren Buffett’s investment style. More may attempt it as they search for the best investing ideas for 2012. But here’s a more attainable goal: Pinch pennies like the Oracle of Omaha. This might turn out to be a New Year’s resolution you can actually keep. And you’ll be richer for it.

When his first child was born, the famously frugal Buffett turned a dresser drawer into a bassinet. For the second one, he borrowed a crib. While in New York signing up clients to invest six-figure sums with him during the 1960s, he reportedly phoned a friend from New York’s Plaza Hotel to bring over a six-pack of Pepsi so he wouldn’t have to pay for room service. He drove a Volkswagen until his wife decided it was bad for his image and upgraded him to a Cadillac. (more…)

Twelve Steps to Get Things Done


No Frills Personal Development

It’s become apparent that not everyone connects with, relates to or gains value from the traditional personal development language or paradigm. Or words like paradigm (for that matter). Many of my readers have shared with me that their partner (sister, brother, mother, father, boss) needs to hear these (types of) messages but they seem to have an aversion to anything that smells like ‘motivational speaker’. To be honest, I don’t blame them. Some motivational speakers are a little smelly. (more…)

Stick to your guns- New Year’s at the MAC-Part 2

Roughly 40% of you set New Year’s Resolutions related to weight loss and/or exercise.  As a Certified Personal Trainer at the MAC, this doesn’t surprise me as I see and read all the time of the lack of physical activity in the US and its direct relation to an increase in obesity, muscular dysfunction and injury in the general population.

A few concerning statistics (NASM CPT 3rd Edition):

  • 33% of adults are estimated to be obese (BMI of 30+ or 40+ lbs overweight) and 66% are overweight (BMI of 25+ or 10-30lbs overweight)
  • Nearly 80% of all adults experience low back pain.
  • 80,000-100,000 ACL tears/year, 70% of which are non-contact.
  • In 2003, approx. 31 million visits were made to the physicians’ office for back problems, 19 million for knee problems, 14 million for shoulder problems and 11 million for foot and ankle.

If you find yourself embedded in one of those statistics, ask yourself some hard questions.

  1. Do I value the benefits of a healthy lifestyle?
  2. Will daily exercise improve my quality of life?
  3. Do I have the resources to make my health a priority?
  4. Do I believe I have the self control, determination and willpower to improve my health and fitness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and have set your resolutions but are still having trouble sticking to them, I’ve outlined a few tips below that may help your journey.


  • Take time and PLAN AHEAD: there will always be an excuse, an errand, a meeting or a happy hour- be sure to plan your workouts well in advance.  When you schedule an hour at the gym 3-4 days in advance you are less likely to get distracted and break your date with the treadmill.
  • Partner up: strength in numbers!  It is much easier to get to the gym when you are meeting a friend, trainer or joining a class.  If self-motivation is difficult, lean on a work out buddy or personal trainer for ­accountability or let your group fitness instructor know you will attend their next class- saying it out loud will make you more committed to the date.
  • Use your resources- if you can’t get to the gym, can you walk and/or bike your errands, do a core workout before bed (simply googling “abs” will bring up plenty) or walk the stairs in your house 50 times? 
  • Traveling for work- does your hotel have a gym?  Can you walk to your meetings?  Stretching your legs and pumping oxygen through your body will clear your head and make you a more efficient and productive employee.


  • Earn it: let the food pyramid be your guide when deciding what to buy at the grocery store- let discretion be your guide when deciding when and how often to indulge.  Earn your snacks or treat; let them be a reward for your hard work.  Start by limiting yourself to one snack/day and see if you can whittle it down to one indulgence a week.
  • Cook your meals: eliminate preservatives, added sugars, strange chemicals and unnecessary calories by cooking your own meals.  Look for substitutes for butter, mayonnaise and cream while minimizing cheese and eliminating fried foods.
  • Pack a lunch: packing your lunch will help with portion control as well as ensure you are eating intentionally.  A lunch bag with fruit, veggies, yogurt and a whole grain sandwich will help keep your waistline- and pocketbook- slim.
  • Just don’t buy it: don’t tempt yourself with fried chips, cookies, chocolates and ice cream on a daily basis, you will be testing your self-control a little too often.  Don’t keep these sugary and fried foods around- when you feel like treating yourself, go pick ONE up and enjoy a SINGLE serving.


  • Food for thought: feed your mind positive things, take time to read a good book, go on a walk, do something artsy- crave positivity. 
  • Sleep: with kids and work the art of sleeping can become a difficult one, but value the benefits of a regular rest schedule.  If you can’t sleep at least 6 hours/night, take a 20 minute afternoon nap.
  • Drink water, lots of it: in addition to the eight glasses of 8 oz’s of water a day, you should drink 16 to 20 oz of water 2 hours before exercise and 20 to 40 oz of water after exercise.  The goal is to replace water lost while exercising to maintain your daily weight (weight on waking up in the morning).

Hopefully with these little tips and tricks you can keep your resolve to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle.  Buckle down, stick to your guns, and in no time you’ll have something to show for it!

Maryann Boddy, CPT

Magnuson Athletic Club

“The only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves.”

New Year’s at the MAC- Part 1

We’re over a month into 2011 and it’s about time to check in and see how those New Year’s Resolutions are coming along.  Not to single you out, but definitely to call you out, 40% of you have already given up on your resolutions.  If you fall into that percentage, don’t despair, chances are you only recently fell off the wagon, and it’s not too late to get back on! 

Much has been said, written and studied on the topic of New Year’s Resolutions, with varying advice on how to choose and pursue your goals.  Below I’ve bulleted a few key tips that will help you set your goals-if you’re late to the party- and how to stick to them.

  1. Write your goals down and share them with someone.  You will find strength in numbers and encouragement from friends and family who wish to see you succeed.
  2. Focus on the benefits of meeting your resolutions, this will help you power through the difficult days and moreover help you value the lifestyle changes that accompany the pursuit of your goals.
  3. Pick one main goal, don’t bombard yourself w/too many.  According to Psychology Today, “our storehouse of willpower is a finite resource that gets depleted throughout each day, depending on how often you call upon it to override temptation. That means that setting too many willpower goals at once – like losing weight, spending less, exercising more – is destined to fail… pick just one willpower goal – like exercising in the morning – and focus for six to eight weeks on just that improvement, all other self-regulation behaviors will improve, too.”
  4. Momma always said there’d be days like this: expect setbacks and persevere!  If your goals were easy they would have been accomplished a long time ago.
  5. Reward yourself for a job well done: don’t hesitate to reward yourself for the little victories.  Whether it’s a little treat, time in front of the TV, or a morning to sleep in, rewarding yourself for a job well done will give you energy to keep pursuing your goals.
  6. Do the best you can: if you fall off track, don’t get frustrated and start blaming yourself, leave yesterday in the past and do the best you can in the present.

If you’ve already dropped off from reaching your goals- pick it back up!  If you didn’t set any at all, consider the lifestyle change and benefits you can receive from setting specific, challenging and attainable goals. 

As always, the staff here at the MAC are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.  Please don’t hesitate to drop by the front desk!

-Maryann Boddy, CPT