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4 Secrets to Never Getting Sick

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By Jeannette Moninger

Ever wonder why you always seem to come down with a life-interrupting virus this time of year, while other women you know sail through the season sniffle-, cough-, and ache-free?

We canvassed the research and talked to top experts to uncover these key, study-backed secrets for staying well, even when you’re surrounded by germs. The docs’ number one tip: Get the flu vaccine, ASAP. Then, follow these simple steps to boost your virus protection even more.

Make friends with fresh air
Common wisdom has it that staying indoors, where it’s warm and toasty, is easier on your immune system than being outside in the cold. Problem is, being inside puts you in close constant contact with other people—and their germs.

Save $25 on massage through October!

Welcome Crystal Mappala to our MAC team!

We’d like you to get to know Crystal and her excellent massage work by coming in for a massage with her. Through October, if youmention this post, you’ll receive a $50 one hour massage that’s $25 off of our full priced hour. Also try a 90  minute massage for only $75! Awesome. Crystal accepts insurance for billing including Premera, First Choice, Aetna and others. You can book with her online starting Saturday, September 3rd. Her massages are a great blend of deep work and flowing relaxation, perfect for any athlete or aching body.

To learn more about Crystal, visit her page on our website here

Muscle Pulls and the Beauty of a Good Warm Up

One thing that I see quite regularly as a massage therapist is muscle strain, the good old’ pulled muscle that’s both uncomfortable and highly limiting. Strains can come in varying degrees from a muscle stretched beyond its normal range to minor tearing of individual muscle fibers within a muscle group to a complete tear of the muscle. One of the most colorful muscle tears I saw (deep purple and yellow) was a hamstring that was overstretched while throwing a tennis ball as an impromptu weapon towards a menacing backyard raccoon. Who won? Raccoon: 1, Homeowner: 0.

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Massages really can make the pain go away, study finds

A new study reinforced what physical therapist have long suspected: Massage, when coupled with traditional medical treatment, provides significant relief from chronic back pain. The 400-person study was conducted by Seattle’s Group Health Research Institute.

When Nobuku Anderson walked into her home, she knew something was wrong. She had pushed her luck trying to carry the wine case purchased earlier that day. Almost immediately, pain seized her. Collapsing to the floor, crying, she inched toward the phone.

This was the first time in the decades she has been managing her back pain — the result of years of tennis, golf and “the crazy high heels you wear when you’re young” — that she couldn’t move.

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Massage at the MAC!

Training hard for the next big thing? Make the most of your body’s energy and time with some healing massage on the side. Massage is a way to increase circulation and decrease muscle tightness which can speed recovery time from injury and every day workouts. People who get regular massage or just get that every now-and-then boost when it’s needed can benefit from the manual stretching, lengthening of muscles and getting new blood flow into those tight, painful spots that are holding you back. What does the ideal, uninhibited body feel like? Come on in to find out!! We all deserve to feel our best.

Mackenzie joins Katy on the MAC massage team, where you can find a range of types and styles of massage to suit your body and its changing needs. Both therapists focus on deep tissue massage geared towards the athlete’s body with passive stretches, joint mobility and injury treatment, trigger point work (specific pressure on those crazy knots), and lots of yummy deep, relaxing work up the spine and everywhere else.

Massage is now available Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Friday and Saturday mornings. Easy online scheduling available at riseupmassage.genbook.com. Call Katy directly at (206) 414-9392 for questions or check out our massage website at www.riseupmassage.com with information on package discount prices, gift certificates for your loved ones, and our self-care blog.

First massage only $60!

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