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Brain Food- A fix for Alzheimer’s ?

2 weeks ago I held a workshop on Superfoods.  These are the top 10 most naturally powerful (health boosting) foods on the Planet – We covered Coconut and it’s properties.. But I wanted to give you some research that will not only benefit you – but your elders as well. Need ways to implement coconut into your daily diet?  Contact Me – Breanne Curran AADP CHHC   bcurran@macseattle.com

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease

From Well Being Journal (Nov/Dec 2011 )                    By Bruce Fife, N.D.
sitting on your cupboard shelf.


Recently a medical doctor
neurodegeneration while researching a new drug.
From time to time I receive testimonials from people
who attest that coconut oil helped them or a family member
overcome neurological problems. These problems
include Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, autism,
dementia, epilepsy, and various emotional disorders. Of
these conditions, the effects of coconut oil or the fatty
acids in coconut oil on epilepsy are the most thoroughly
studied and documented. However, new research on Alzheimer’s
disease has shown that coconut oil may be the
best alternative treatment for this otherwise untreatable


Muscle Pulls and the Beauty of a Good Warm Up

One thing that I see quite regularly as a massage therapist is muscle strain, the good old’ pulled muscle that’s both uncomfortable and highly limiting. Strains can come in varying degrees from a muscle stretched beyond its normal range to minor tearing of individual muscle fibers within a muscle group to a complete tear of the muscle. One of the most colorful muscle tears I saw (deep purple and yellow) was a hamstring that was overstretched while throwing a tennis ball as an impromptu weapon towards a menacing backyard raccoon. Who won? Raccoon: 1, Homeowner: 0.

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Plantar Fasciitis: You Pesky Rascal!

by Katy Canete

You wake up in the morning, step down on your foot and the heel pain has you hobbling first thing. As the day goes on, the pain diminishes here and there. No pain after the first few steps of your run but in the afternoon your foot is fatigued and achy and the pain returns right when you stand up or after standing for a bit. You sleep and repeat. Plantar Fasciitis is the sneaky- ninja injury that can come and go, seems to be resolved then hits you again full force when you least expect it. How frustrating!

A doc or physical therapist can diagnose your foot pain and let you know where to go from here. Plantar Fasciitis refers to repeat inflammation on the sole of your foot in the dense tissue that runs from the toes to the heel. It can be associated with a heel spur as a result of the injury that can be particularly painful to put pressure on. This injury can linger because as the fascia is healing and scar tissue is forming, especially in overnight rest as your foot is in relaxed flexion, the healing fascia can re-tear as soon as you step down on your foot with pressure. This can lead to built up adhesions and tension in the area over time that can be difficult to rest and heal.

Some things that might help speed your healing:

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