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Skier’s Diet: Surprising Muscle Building Foods

Super foods that will make you super fit this ski season. Garlic anyone?

By Kellee Katagi

posted: 09/05/2012


As you coax your muscles back into ski shape, fueling them well can add heft to your training. Your instinct is likely to reach for a steak (and rightly so: A 2009 study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that eating four ounces of steak after a workout built muscle 50 percent better than a placebo), but these other strength-building foods may surprise you.

Top 10: Power Meals Every Man Should Be Able To Make

Break out of your usual dietary routine with some orange-marinated pork tenderloin.

By Shannon Clark,

If you want to maintain an active lifestyle and perform your best, it’s vital that you feed your body the quality nutrients it requires. Preparing your own classic standby meals is a great way to not only increase your enjoyment from eating but also treat your body right.

In a world where far too many men are dining out or relying on convenience or fast food for sustenance, it’s time to revamp your cooking skills and create your own dishes.

Here are 10 great power meals that every man should be able to make.

 Szechwan Shrimp (more…)

7 Foods that Burn Fat

By Cosmopolitan.com | Healthy LivingThu, Mar 22, 2012 5:46 PM EDT

These foods will help you burn fat.


These foods will help you burn fat.With rising temps come rising hemlines, bare shoulders… and eventually, bikini season. Add these metabolism-boosting foods and drinks to your shopping list, and you’ll score a leaner and sexier bod.

By Carolyn Kylstra

Chicken Breast
Meet the ultimate wonder food. Chicken is packed with protein, which is essential for maintaining muscle mass-and the more muscle mass you have, the more efficient you are at burning calories. Even better, protein takes more time to digest than carbohydrates, so you’ll feel full longer than if you ate the same number of calories in a carb-or fat-heavy meal. An ideal serving: the size of a computer mouse or a deck of cards. (more…)

‘Potato people’ newlyweds get health-coach makeover

Having a hard time balancing your work life, home life and your body?  Get  practical info, tips and tools for your life.  Stuff that actually works to get you real results, from Health Coaching!

check out this article in the Seattle Times Sunday March 25th

‘Potato people’ newlyweds get health-coach makeover

A twenty-something couple change their diet and move into a new, healthier way of living with help from a life coach.


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Cereal Secrets and Controlling Your Blood Sugar


Cereals are crammed with attention – grabbing health claims:  A good source of calcium!  High in Fiber!  Well, guess what?  Cookie crisp, yes, the cereal that looks like little chip cookies – is made with whole grains and boosts 10% of your calcium needs, doesn’t mean it’s your best option.

So skip the front of the box and head for the nutritional facts on the side of the box, says Sari Greaves, R.D. dietician at Step ahead weight loss center in New Jersey  and an American Dietetic Association spokesperson.  Choose cereals that have at least 3 grams of fiber( good for weight loss, health and will keep you full longer) fewer than 200 calories per serving and no more than 8 grams of sugar.  You’ll regret making a low – cal, high sugar, low-fiber selection.  When the sugar high crashes, you’ll be hungry because there’s no slow digesting rough stuff in your system.

Measure up! Stay certain of your serving sizes with this handy bowl. The guides on the porcelain Measure Up Bowl shows how much you’re about to eat. $20 each   www.measureupbowl.com

Blood Sugar controlled by Weight Training

Blood sugar declines with age and is influenced by genetics diet and physical activity.  Muscle accounts for 42 percent or more of total body mass in Men.  So it is an important tissue for regulating blood sugar.  Arizona State University – conducted a study  of the effects of weight training intensity and volume on blood sugar control in adult men and women.  – avg age 30, with slightly elevated resting blood sugar levels.  High intensity, multiple set weight training controlled resting blood sugar better than single set  low-intensity workouts.  Blood sugar was lowered without affecting blood insulin, which showed that weight training is an important and effective was to control blood sugar.

MAC Personal Trainer & Nutritionist – Breanne Curran

AASDN – NS (Nutrition Specialist)