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Get a surfers’ bod!

  Surfer’s bodies are gorgeous!  They are long and lean and strong!


With nice defined muscles and not bulky – also these wave riders are glowing!    Yeah this could be the sun and surf – But they also fuel up for this demanding sport – for that they need energizing grains, high vitamins and minerals and protein!


Keep your Energy high and waist line down with these great meals. 

Make ahead and keep on hand for great take to work or travel options!

I have found two great recipes- both chock full of anti-oxidants, fiber, nutrients, metabolic boosting and energy boosting!

1.  Bon Appetite- Surfer Granola  July 2012

2.  PCC Indonesian Rice Salad – tons of beautiful color and flavor!  I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!

Read On for recipes!  

Oh – and if you need a guide to your getting to your kick ass physique and eating habits to brag about – contact me!  New workshops in both group training and nutrition this Sept!



Cooking for Therapy

Image       I find cooking to be therapeutic.  It doesn’t demand from you, you can be loud and messy  and in the end you get a great product that makes you feel great.  I have a much better week if I have healthy options on hand, and don’t have to think about what I’ll eat after a busy day- or for lunch.  To get set up for the upcoming week, I have a process, on Thursday evenings I watch some brainless sitcoms, while I thumb through our many recipe books and magazines – and plan out a few dishes for the following week.  Then after work on Fridays I gather my goods, then when inspiration hits me over the weekend, it’s all there.  Check weekly for what’s on my menu

So what’s cooking this weekend? (more…)