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Behold the Power of Apple Cider Vinegar!


Cleaning House!   Your True Home

Our bodies are constantly seeking balance, when we eat too many heavy, greasy processed foods, sugary foods, foods lacking in nutrients – our digestive tract suffers and we get bloated, tired and fat… our
eyes, skin, teeth and hair suffer. Basically we feel and look gross.

Luckily we have sources – are loaded with beneficial bacteria that are intensely interested in cleaning up their new environment- your intestines. They will do everything in their power to fulfill their mission.
Working with you to create a healthy body, they soften hardening fecal material, attack toxins, combat parasites and balance the acidity/ alkalinity of both intestines .

Best Digestive Flora –
Fermented Foods are the most healing of foods

They increase immunity, energy, higher absorption and assimilation of nutrients. They even provide your body with beneficial micro flora for a cleaner, leaner you!
Get the most from your foods, reduce belly fat and bloating.

Micro flora in fermented foods produce B vitamins, B-3, B6 and B12 play a critical role in assimilation of fats (use of fats that benefit the body- rather than storing fat) Once your system is established with
lots of B vitamin producing friendly bacteria, you’ll find it easier to digest fats. Enzyme and mineral rich superfoods aid digestion, eliminates toxins and restores a healthy ecosystem. Also cultured veg are a
wonderful way to control sugar cravings.    One of these magic detoxifiers to the body is Apple Cider Vinegar


Gut friend #2- Ginger!

According to Ayurveda (Science of LIfe, originated from India)  Ginger increases  “agni” or digestive fire, the body’s most essential ingredient for good health.  Impaired agni (caused by overeating, eating the wrong foods for your constitution, or eating while stressed or upset) can lead to impaired metabolism and immunity over time putting you on a slope toward chronic illness.

How to take it:  Before meals, try either a cup of ginger tea or a thin slice of ginger  with a squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of sea salt.  If you have heartburn – avoid ginger, it will aggravate the condition.

from – Natural Health Mag – Sept 2011