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Breakfast Club, Final Meeting!

Are you eating breakfast?  Could it be better?

Last week I posted options for rushed days, to keep your sanity, energy and pant size (or DROP ONE!)

This is the last of the breakfast club!   I have given you two more options.
For more relaxed days and in-between days.    Get on the breakfast train!

All Olympic Athletes eat breakfast!  Be awesome and beautiful, join the club!   Read on


Cereal Secrets and Controlling Your Blood Sugar


Cereals are crammed with attention – grabbing health claims:  A good source of calcium!  High in Fiber!  Well, guess what?  Cookie crisp, yes, the cereal that looks like little chip cookies – is made with whole grains and boosts 10% of your calcium needs, doesn’t mean it’s your best option.

So skip the front of the box and head for the nutritional facts on the side of the box, says Sari Greaves, R.D. dietician at Step ahead weight loss center in New Jersey  and an American Dietetic Association spokesperson.  Choose cereals that have at least 3 grams of fiber( good for weight loss, health and will keep you full longer) fewer than 200 calories per serving and no more than 8 grams of sugar.  You’ll regret making a low – cal, high sugar, low-fiber selection.  When the sugar high crashes, you’ll be hungry because there’s no slow digesting rough stuff in your system.

Measure up! Stay certain of your serving sizes with this handy bowl. The guides on the porcelain Measure Up Bowl shows how much you’re about to eat. $20 each   www.measureupbowl.com

Blood Sugar controlled by Weight Training

Blood sugar declines with age and is influenced by genetics diet and physical activity.  Muscle accounts for 42 percent or more of total body mass in Men.  So it is an important tissue for regulating blood sugar.  Arizona State University – conducted a study  of the effects of weight training intensity and volume on blood sugar control in adult men and women.  – avg age 30, with slightly elevated resting blood sugar levels.  High intensity, multiple set weight training controlled resting blood sugar better than single set  low-intensity workouts.  Blood sugar was lowered without affecting blood insulin, which showed that weight training is an important and effective was to control blood sugar.

MAC Personal Trainer & Nutritionist – Breanne Curran

AASDN – NS (Nutrition Specialist)