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Breakfast Club, Final Meeting!

Are you eating breakfast?  Could it be better?

Last week I posted options for rushed days, to keep your sanity, energy and pant size (or DROP ONE!)

This is the last of the breakfast club!   I have given you two more options.
For more relaxed days and in-between days.    Get on the breakfast train!

All Olympic Athletes eat breakfast!  Be awesome and beautiful, join the club!   Read on


Breakfast: No Time? No Worries!


Every day is different – Right?  Just like our Seattle Summer Weather we never know what the day will bring.  You may hit the snooze button too many times and sit bolt upright in a panic.  You may wake up early and have the day off.  Or you may just have a typical day where you have just enough time – but no extra.

Since Time is the common thread here to a good breakfast.  I have made three options for you.  This is my week last week and what I had to work with.

Biggest take away here – is always have a prepped option, for your no-fail plan!

Day 1 :  Busy Day – no time!

I rarely wake up late.  I cherish my sleep and usually get to bed by 9:30 – but this morning, I surfed the web a little too long, and hit snooze a few times – OOPs!

No time!  What to do for breakfast?

– Before I take the dog around the block, I pop a waffle in the toaster, smear some almond butter on it and grab a banana.    The best waffle choice I have found is nature’s path – I love the Chia Plus and Buckwheat Wildberry.

Either one gives you fiber, whole grains, low in sugar, mod in carbs.  great for a slender waist and high energy.   Almond Butter gives you more protein and keep you full longer.  Look for kinds with nothing else added.  Ingredient label should say: Almonds – THAT’S IT!  1 tbsp is plenty.  Remember you will burn this off by lunch.



Let’s say – I was in such a rush I forgot my waffle.  That’s when I grab a Pro-Bar , superfood slam.  I love this one!  That way I’ve already started my day with some greens, fiber, protein and healthy carbs – to rev up my metabolism and keep me going till lunch.   I always buy 2 a week – keeping one in my bag and one in my glovebox.   Fail Proof!



Stay tuned  for other breakfast on not so harried days!