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Fighting the Freshman 15

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Know what to eat as a student with high demands! The stress of handling school, work, and friends can take a toll on your body and mind. Start making great choices that get you lean and energized!


Add these two Weight Loss Boosters to your Health Habits.


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I’ll make this simple…if you want to lose weight , eat eggs! They will fuel your hard-earned muscle and keep you burning more calories all day long.


Feed the Muscles Your Mama Gave Ya!

fruit-and-yogurt-parfait-01If we think back – The good ol’ basic rules from Mom are the best guidelines for daily healthy living

Stuff like – Eat a good breakfast! Get enough sleep, Share, Chew your food, Get your chores done and then you can play and so on!

Might it be good to implement a couple of these good ‘ol basics back into your life?  It may make you healthier and happier! If you don’t already eat a great breakfast every morning – get back at it!


Battle Against Workplace Stiffness and Pain

Battle Against Workplace Stiffness and Pain

StretchAtWorkSitting on your butt all day seems simple enough, but eight hours in your office chair might be wreaking havoc on your muscles and joints while also limiting your mobility. Desk jockeys have more to fear than just carpal tunnel–improper posture and inactivity at work can cause serious pains and health issues. (more…)

What Exercises Are Good for People with Bad Knees?

knee-painTwo moves that help your entire lower body work better

First, realize how often “bad knees” are indicative of a problem elsewhere. Picture a factory with three employees who need to perform different tasks in order for the factory to run efficiently. If two of the employees neglect their job duties, the remaining employee has to perform tasks that aren’t in the original job description. This means (more…)

How to Do Cardio with Bad Knees

KettleBellsMan_147486792If you’ve got a history of knee injuries, doing cardio can be problematic, to say the least. Running or jumping rope is probably not a good idea because of the repetitive pounding. When you run, your body absorbs somewhere around seven times your weight with each stride. This means that if you weigh 200 pounds, your knees will be taking 1400 pounds of pressure every time your foot strikes the ground. Bad knees won’t hold up to that kind of abuse for too long.

Riding a bike doesn’t provide the same type of pounding, but it still creates a lot of repetitive stress. This leads to more wear and tear on bad joints. (more…)

Food, mood and you

You are what you eat — and then some. The foods that you eat can significantly affect your mood, behavior and quality of life.

By Dan Labriola


On Health

The foods you eat can make you angry, sad, tired, grouchy, even hostile. While Americans increasingly turn to antidepressant, anti-anxiety and other psychoactive drugs for mood issues,the fact is no one was born with a Prozac deficiency. There are many possible causes for these symptoms, but the relationship between food and mood is often ignored and may not be obvious since the offending food may not affect you hours or days after ingesting. So how do you know if foods are affecting your mood or behavior? Here are some clues. (more…)

Relax! You’ll be more productive

More and more of us find ourselves unable to juggle overwhelming demands and maintain a seemingly unsustainable pace. Paradoxically, the best way to get more done may be to spend more time doing less.

By Tony Schwartz

The New York Times

How Money Can Buy Happiness

By Linda Stern | Reuters – Sat, Aug 18, 2012 6:22 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has added his name to the long list of people who believe we should measure prosperity in terms of happiness and life satisfaction, instead of just dollars and data.

In a recent speech before a group of international researchers, Bernanke talked about the difference between happiness — a subjective and transitory feeling — and well-being, which is a longer-term measure. He said that keys to finding long-term life satisfaction include “a strong sense of support from belonging to a family or core group and a broader community, a sense of control over one’s life, a feeling of confidence or optimism about the future, and an ability to adapt to changing circumstances.” (more…)

Superhero’s for your Gut

I recently saw the new Batman Movie ” The Dark Knight Rises”   Christian Bale once again struggles to keep Gotham City safe from Crime and Harm to citizens.

  • Did you know that certain foods you eat, destroy your gut and it’s ability to fight off infections, weight gain and zapp your energy and moods?

Get  some Superhero’s in there to kick some bad guy booty and clean up your gut!

They’re called Pro-Biotics ( they mean  literally “for life”)

The best and most powerful enzymes – are found in fermented foods


Get  thinner, gain energy,  reduce bloat and digestive issues, and boost your immune system! (more…)

Olympic Foods – What world class athletes need

I decided to celebrate the Olmpics this year with an Opening Party!

My husband and I had some friends over and watched the Opening Ceremonies from London with some amazing foods!

OLYMPIC FOODS!  – stay tuned this week for recipes!

1.  Jicama Watercress salad with citrus vinagrette

2.  Black rice and mango salad

3.  Cinnamon beef

4.  Fish

5.  guacomole (avocado)

6.  corn on the cob

7.  pickled onions

8.  corn tortillas

Foods world class athletes eat.  Why?


These foods increase

  • circulation
  • energy
  • heart health
  • cellular metabolism
  • immune system
  • mineral absorption
  • bone density
  • digestion

they also decrease

  • inflammation (overtraining induced)
  • weight gain
  • oxidation (from bad foods and pollution)

Jicama Watercress salad with citrus vinagrette 

Why athletes eat it:

Jicama Anti-inflammatory, high in B vitamins, potassium, iron, magnesium, increases cellular metabolism (a must for endurance athletes)

Why you eat it:

it’s loaded with all sorts of healthy benefits including vitamin C, lots of iron, and a dietary fiber called inulin that speeds up your digestive system!  The best thing about eating it?  Virtually no calories!


A study published in the British Journal of  Nutrition reports that eating a small amount of this leafy green each day raised  levels of key antioxidants that fend of damage caused by exercise. – Overtraining causes stress on the body and inflammation

Why you eat it :

Decreases inflammation and oxidants from bad foods and environments.

This salad is chock full of nutrients and deliciousness – Read on for recipe!


Breakfast Club, Final Meeting!

Are you eating breakfast?  Could it be better?

Last week I posted options for rushed days, to keep your sanity, energy and pant size (or DROP ONE!)

This is the last of the breakfast club!   I have given you two more options.
For more relaxed days and in-between days.    Get on the breakfast train!

All Olympic Athletes eat breakfast!  Be awesome and beautiful, join the club!   Read on


Walking Your Way to Health

Walking has more health benefits than most people realize.

By Shelby Sheehan Bernard


Margie Warden, left, and Gladys Johnson walk along a trail at Kansas City, Kan., Community College. Warden and a group of friends have been walking six miles a day for 41 years.

Enlarge this photoSHANE KEYSER / MCT

Margie Warden, left, and Gladys Johnson walk along a trail at Kansas City, Kan., Community College. Warden and a group of friends have been walking six miles a day for 41 years.

Can you really walk your way to better health? Research continues to show both the physiological and psychological benefits of the exercise, yet many individuals continue to underrate walking as a health booster.

“The studies are overwhelming; the data is there to show that walking provides all of these health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer, as well as reducing blood pressure and enhancing mood,” said Dr. Edward Laskowski, co-director of and specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center in Rochester, Minn. (more…)

Legs up the Wall, Easy and necessary!

sit close to wall – knees bent and arms around knee- rt shoulder and knee pressed against wall – then turn onto your back. Adjust accordingly. Keep back flat and legs straight – bend knees if too intense

The previous post on Flexibility is and awesome and much needed post! This has been a recent focus in my weight loss group class – COVER SHOT.   Did you know that if you are more flexible, you will gain more muscle?  And that more muscle burns more calories?   To burn brighter.. learn to lengthen and let go ( stay in the stretch.. try 2 mins per stretch)

Last Wed ( 7/ 18) We were joined by Jasyoga http://www.jasyoga.com  
Erin Taylor, Owner and RYT , along with associate Kendra – let participants through a stretching sequence and letting go exercises, to release tension and stress in both their body and mind. With more flexibility you can strengthen much more and reduce setbacks.

One exercise – Super simple , than ANYONE can do every night – legs up the wall.

Contact Erin Taylor at http://www.jasyoga for info!

Flexibility a key component of staying fit

Don’t forget to improve your flexibility as you work on fitness.

By Kelly Turner

Special to the Seattle Times

Cardio is great for the heart, strength training is great for the muscles, and both are amazing for burning calories, but there is one more part to the fitness equation many people overlook: flexibility.

Improving flexibility, or the range of motion of a joint, is important for proper muscle balance, and alignment and to prevent injury. (more…)

Join The Breakfast Club

Last week I posted an entry on beautiful people (surfer’s) and what they eat.  One big component to a great body is BREAKFAST!

Listen to your mother – Eat your breakfast!  If you would like

1.  Clearer thinking

2.  Weight Loss

3.  Better mood  thourghout the day

4.  More Energy

5.  More Money and Friends

Allright – # 5 is not guaranteed, but if you  are thinking clearer and have more energy and better mood at work – you definitly should be in the running for a raise and people should be flocking to you !

If you’re not eating breakfast  within the first couple hours of your day  I challenge you to

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Smart and Gorgeous people eat breakfast!

Read on for easy ways to join the club and get results!


Get a surfers’ bod!

  Surfer’s bodies are gorgeous!  They are long and lean and strong!


With nice defined muscles and not bulky – also these wave riders are glowing!    Yeah this could be the sun and surf – But they also fuel up for this demanding sport – for that they need energizing grains, high vitamins and minerals and protein!


Keep your Energy high and waist line down with these great meals. 

Make ahead and keep on hand for great take to work or travel options!

I have found two great recipes- both chock full of anti-oxidants, fiber, nutrients, metabolic boosting and energy boosting!

1.  Bon Appetite- Surfer Granola  July 2012

2.  PCC Indonesian Rice Salad – tons of beautiful color and flavor!  I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!

Read On for recipes!  

Oh – and if you need a guide to your getting to your kick ass physique and eating habits to brag about – contact me!  New workshops in both group training and nutrition this Sept!



What’s Cooking! July 6th

Hello!  Currently I am sitting at a coffee shop at Greenlake – looking at the beautiful weather and happy people.  Cooking in a hot kitchen does not sound so delightful – so I have chosen a  great Summer salad

I got this recipe out of Bon Apetite magazine – it’s got everything I love ;  Bursts of color, Asian flavor , heartiness without heaviness.

This dish will satisfy your belly and make it presentable for summer viewing as well!   i’m gonna double it and use it for lunches next week!

Click on my profile for more great  Recipes and tips!

Breanne Curran

Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer

or … your arsenal to a kick ass body and  eating habits you can brag about !

Cold Sesame Noodles with Summer Vegetables

We like vegetarian mains in summer; for a heartier dish,  add shredded rotisserie chicken or sliced grilled steak.

Stay Lean! Eat Clean – Grapefruit!

Burn Fat and Keep Healthy!

Did you know that  anti-oxidants are found in colors?  Any naturally colored food has anti-oxidants.  Grapes, kale, eggplant – the darker and denser the more anti-oxidants and nutrients. This July eat more Grapefruit!

Nutritional Benefits of Grapefruit are many.  Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Grapefruits are loaded with all kinds of vitamins (namely vitamins A, C, Calcium and Magnesium) Grapefruit also contain lycopene, an antioxidant pigment that’s found red fruits and Vegetables.  Lycopene is llinked to reduction of prostate and breast cancer as well as cardiovascular disease. Naringenin is another antioxidant found in grapefruits. It’s actually what gives the grapefruit most of its flavor.

Naringinen keeps you slim and Burns Fat!

  • Increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin
  • Studies show naringenin forces the liver to burn fat rather than storing it

Email me at Bcurran@macseattle.com for my monthly newsletter with this and other great info !

Read on For Delicious Recipe !


Father’s Day Thoughts

I tell all my clients to do yoga – any type.  It basically forces your body and your mind to unwind and calm.  For Type A people like me (who have a hard time holding still) it saves you.  Your body and your mind, forces you to hold stretches and keeps your monkey brain quiet for a bit, always after a class – I am renewed, relaxed and have better and clearer thinking.

SO tonight- I left thinking about my Dad.  How I spent a great father’s day with him and how great it is that we now have open conversations as two adults, not just as parent and child.  He has definitely instilled in me many of my traits I carry now.  Some of these are 1.  Have a strong sense of self  2. Never turn down an adventure 3.  Don’t be afraid to leap… just look where you’re going.

My dad is a wanderer (he literally has a business card stating this) He wanders the world, most often from the Northwest to the Far East to the Beaches of Mexico.  He doesn’t carry much — because he knows that less is more (in every way), and quality is much better than quantity (which is why he has a nice new backpack for his flight  tomorrow)

(Dad on recent Mule expedition in isolated Baja to see cave paintings thousands of years old)

My father has made me great at what I do and keeping myself challenged to always do better.  As a trainer, nutrition specialist and health coach I keep in mind (for myself and my clients)  to know what is possible and not be afraid to leap to get there !  If we pack our bags right for the journey ahead  and  look where we are going  – we will not only get further but land sure footed (for more leaps) – so Thank you Dad!  Here’s to many more challenges, adventures and leaps

Oh – and please read below for a great kale, beet, walnut salad my dad made last night – it was in direct competition with my miso cabbage salad.  I think his won 🙂  Both recipes below.

I am adding some avocado and salmon to the miso salad tonight – it is delicious!


What’s cooking!- June 15 2012

Asian Salads. 

These 2 salads are both high in anti-inflammatories, protein, iron, magnesium and happen to be delicious!

As previously promised.. I post every Friday, what I am cooking up this weekend for healthy eats and for a great set up for the next week.  This helps keep me on track with healthy choices and it makes my week a heck of a lot easier.

I’ve got one breakfast item planned (Grainola)

And 2 salads – 1 with some grains in it for more substantial eats.

I also am gonna cook  up some yellow squash with Kale and red pepper (to combine with rice or other grain for easy dinner… I love egg and kimchi on top of cooked grains and greens for dinner)

Read below for the Chopped Miso Salad recipe and  Wild Seaweed Salad

These are both anti inflammatory, cleansing and alkaline meals.. as well as great flavors I love – more thai/ japanese

tastes.  Some people crave burgers.. I crave seaweed!  It’s high in protein, iron and magnesium. (more…)

Eat Slow, Drop Pounds!

Get Slow, Drop Pounds

Last Week, at my Cover Shot  Workshop we talked about eating slow,  how this is one of the necessary foundations for weight loss.  This is also homework for the participants to do at every meal, through the program.  While this is about consistency and integrating healthy habits.  I thought I’d give some further science behind this.

And there happens to be   a recent article in Yoga Journal,  June 2012 that touches exactly on this.

By Katherine Guthrie

Sweet and Slow    mindful eating enhances weight loss naturally

Eating out can lead to excess.  But a new study shows that women that practice mindful eating can lose weight without dieting!  Even when continuing to dine out regularly.  Women who used these techniques which include taking the time to savor the appearance, smell , texture and taste of their food, ate roughly 300 fewer calories per day then those who didn’t and lost an average of 3.7 pounds over six weeks.  ” The goal is to maximize the pleasure of eating out”  syas lead author Gayle Timmerman, a nursing professor  at University of Texas, Austin.

” If you are paying more attention you can be satisfied with less”  The mindful eating skills transferred to the women’s own kitchens, leading them to eat fewer calories at home.

Cover Shot – Clear Eyes, Full Hearts!

You, Unleashed!


This is my 3 month group Weight Loss Group Series.  I’ve got a full group with Big Goals and the Best of Intentions.  Now, Intentions will only get us so far… we’ve got to have the skill power with that will power!

To keep this group dropping pounds, inches, stress and feeling fabulous – I’ve got an arsenal of pros for Support and Accountability, not to mention some kick ass tips and workouts. Last week in review:

Last Wed and June 20th =  Meghan Smith – RYT – Local Yogi – check out her classes at www.meghanjoyyoga.com

Meghan brought us info on how Yoga kickstarts Weightloss and the many benefits along with this.

She’ll be back next time for a powerful sequence to charge us up and make us sweat!

Did you know?   Cortisol is the number 1 reason for weight gain and belly fat.  Yoga incorporates intense core work and body stabilization, along with breathing techniques that calm the body and releases stress (#1 cortisol increaser) .  A double whammy to blast belly fat!

Jimmy Curran – Chef and coffee shop owner – Bustle – 6th and McGraw – Queen Anne

Jimmy presented easy meal prep tips.  If you hate preparing meals at the end of a long day – or you think it’s not worth it for just one person to do – Think again!

Jimmy brought his expertise to demo how you can prep up vegetables to keep stocked, for easy meal additions to cooked grains, proteins .  Great for Stir Frys, salads, additions to cooked rice or quinoa.

Dinner in 5 mins- sans the work!

Did you know?  If your have things portioned out and prepared you are 80% more likely to include healthy items in your meal.  Also – Red Bell Pepper is extremely high in Vitamin C.  Chop it up baby!

Me – Nutrition Specialist, Health Coach and Personal Trainer

All these tips add into buiding a strong foundation to weight loss.  With some yoga prep exercises, and great core building exercises – along with daily diet steps  and vision exercises –

We’ve got the recipe for Success!  Eat better, Get Kick Ass workouts and results!

Did You Know:  Digestion Takes over 70% of your total energy?  Need more energy?  Slow down when eating and stop at 80% Full.  Fully chew every  bite and put away your food when apporaching full. You will feel lighter and lose weight!

I am thrilled to keep participants reaching  to their Ultimate Cover Shot with Clear Eyes and Full Hearts!

Surviving weekends with the Fam.. while eating well!

Every Weekend I post – What’s cooking !  This weekend it’s foods  (and activities) to keep me on track and focused while enjoying family time and having fun!

So this weekend what’s cooking is easy foods that keep me balanced and cool.  Why?  the in laws are in town.  No , really I enjoy my time with my in-laws, but this also means nieces and nephews and cousins.. lots of family. This means lots of events with lots of different foods, that may not be my first and healthiest choices.

So.. to keep my healthy eating in check and feeling energized and good.. I am making these two recipes.  These will be my back ups to eat before not so healthy functions ( and not give into the less healthy temptations around me.. or just have less of those tempting treats)

Also – it’s important to reset yourself, when you’re zapped and feeling overwhelmed.  I make sure and take some time for myself, before hanging out with family, this way I get to clear my head .. and have more energy and better mood for loved ones.  This morning it was a jog around greenlake and Kettlebell class at kettlebility!

Tomorrow am – it’s Spin and Yoga at Live Love Flow (12th and cherry- Cap Hill)  folllowed by delicious green smoothie at  Heleo!  What a way to start the day!  (seriously) wish I could do that every day.

Read on for

1.  Hijiki and edamame salad – Protein packed and cleasing!

2.  Roasted Yams and Kale – filling and nutritious! – no headaches or belly aches