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Fighting the Freshman 15

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Know what to eat as a student with high demands! The stress of handling school, work, and friends can take a toll on your body and mind. Start making great choices that get you lean and energized!


Add these two Weight Loss Boosters to your Health Habits.


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I’ll make this simple…if you want to lose weight , eat eggs! They will fuel your hard-earned muscle and keep you burning more calories all day long.


Feed the Muscles Your Mama Gave Ya!

fruit-and-yogurt-parfait-01If we think back – The good ol’ basic rules from Mom are the best guidelines for daily healthy living

Stuff like – Eat a good breakfast! Get enough sleep, Share, Chew your food, Get your chores done and then you can play and so on!

Might it be good to implement a couple of these good ‘ol basics back into your life?  It may make you healthier and happier! If you don’t already eat a great breakfast every morning – get back at it!


Battle Against Workplace Stiffness and Pain

Battle Against Workplace Stiffness and Pain

StretchAtWorkSitting on your butt all day seems simple enough, but eight hours in your office chair might be wreaking havoc on your muscles and joints while also limiting your mobility. Desk jockeys have more to fear than just carpal tunnel–improper posture and inactivity at work can cause serious pains and health issues. (more…)

What Exercises Are Good for People with Bad Knees?

knee-painTwo moves that help your entire lower body work better

First, realize how often “bad knees” are indicative of a problem elsewhere. Picture a factory with three employees who need to perform different tasks in order for the factory to run efficiently. If two of the employees neglect their job duties, the remaining employee has to perform tasks that aren’t in the original job description. This means (more…)

How to Do Cardio with Bad Knees

KettleBellsMan_147486792If you’ve got a history of knee injuries, doing cardio can be problematic, to say the least. Running or jumping rope is probably not a good idea because of the repetitive pounding. When you run, your body absorbs somewhere around seven times your weight with each stride. This means that if you weigh 200 pounds, your knees will be taking 1400 pounds of pressure every time your foot strikes the ground. Bad knees won’t hold up to that kind of abuse for too long.

Riding a bike doesn’t provide the same type of pounding, but it still creates a lot of repetitive stress. This leads to more wear and tear on bad joints. (more…)

Food, mood and you

You are what you eat — and then some. The foods that you eat can significantly affect your mood, behavior and quality of life.

By Dan Labriola


On Health

The foods you eat can make you angry, sad, tired, grouchy, even hostile. While Americans increasingly turn to antidepressant, anti-anxiety and other psychoactive drugs for mood issues,the fact is no one was born with a Prozac deficiency. There are many possible causes for these symptoms, but the relationship between food and mood is often ignored and may not be obvious since the offending food may not affect you hours or days after ingesting. So how do you know if foods are affecting your mood or behavior? Here are some clues. (more…)