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Mind & Body May Challenge

MACMIND BODYStart putting yourself first this spring! Here’s your chance to take a break from your busy schedule and improve your mental and physical health. Magnuson Athletic Club is challenging our members to participate in our Mind & Body May Challenge!

Complete 10 Mind & Body classes throughout the month of May and earn a FREE club water bottle!


What is functional training?

Properly designFunctionalIIed workouts include functional training!

Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. Physical and Occupational therapists often use this approach to retrain patients with movement disorders or to help patients recover from injury.


Join our New Alpha Strong Sand Bag Group Training

IT053496_1024x1024 Transform your workout with our new exercise program: the Sandbags! Sand is a valuable exercise tool. The same material that covers our beaches also provides a unique exercise opportunity. With sand, your exercise routine is enhanced by having your body work against the shifting sand within the bag. Our new sandbag boot camp will give you the opportunity to work out with sandbags in a controlled environment and maximize the effectiveness of this new tool.

The boot camp runs from September 8th to October 13th.

Need a New Group Workout? Check out Rizzmic!

rizzmic jump

Have your workouts grown tiresome and monotonous?  Do you need something to put a little more fun into your exercise routine?  We suggest you give Rizzmic a try.

Rizzmic is a group fitness program that pairs authentic dance style with the most beloved music from the last century of American culture.  It seamlessly blends fitness with truly stylized dance, hitting each big craze on the map; from Disco and Country, to Hip Hop and Jazz!  Rizzmic uses the most popular dance styles in virtually every genre from the 1920’s to now, bringing a massive variety of movement into a focused American theme.


What Exercises Are Good for People with Bad Knees?

knee-painTwo moves that help your entire lower body work better

First, realize how often “bad knees” are indicative of a problem elsewhere. Picture a factory with three employees who need to perform different tasks in order for the factory to run efficiently. If two of the employees neglect their job duties, the remaining employee has to perform tasks that aren’t in the original job description. This means (more…)

Accelerate Your Results Today

Breanne-small-group_0024-webNEW One-on-one personal training special offer

Looking for a new workout routine in the New Year? Try personal training! Newly offered Accelerated Results training package is a one-time purchase to introduce members* to the benefits of one-on-one training to maximize and accelerate results. Members can expect a full assessment and workout regimen tailored to their individual needs and goals. (more…)

Teen Power Hour


Teen Power Hour is a small group circuit training developed specifically for teens. Lead by certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor Anna Clausen at the MAC and Lindsay Lambert at the Sammamish Club, Teen Power Hour is a great class for teens looking to kickstart or continue their fitness goals. Held on the soccer fields, this class will include circuit training, strength and flexibility work, obstacle courses and more. If your teen is looking to stay in shape for fall sports or just looking for a fun positive environment to get fit this summer, then this is the class for them! (more…)