Encouraging Health and Happiness


Mind & Body May Challenge

MACMIND BODYStart putting yourself first this spring! Here’s your chance to take a break from your busy schedule and improve your mental and physical health. Magnuson Athletic Club is challenging our members to participate in our Mind & Body May Challenge!

Complete 10 Mind & Body classes throughout the month of May and earn a FREE club water bottle!



What is functional training?

Properly designFunctionalIIed workouts include functional training!

Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. Physical and Occupational therapists often use this approach to retrain patients with movement disorders or to help patients recover from injury.


Balancing Fitness With a Busy Life

200512406-001Strategies to help you accomplish far more in less time.
By Jim Smith

“Dad, can you skip the gym today and spend time with us instead?”

This simple question from my daughter, early on a Saturday morning, crushed me. Growing up without a father, I had vowed to spend as much time with my kids as possible — especially when they were younger, when they really needed my guidance and time.

On weekdays, I have the countless responsibilities that go with work; the weekends are supposed to be family time. This Saturday morning, though, I was heading out to a workout for myself.

But hearing that question, and seeing the look on my daughter’s face, made me realize I had to find a way to get my workouts done quickly and efficiently so they wouldn’t impact the time I had for my girls. (more…)

Become a part of the Referral Club!

IMG_4048As we continue to inspire a healthy lifestyle that encompasses fitness aspirations and nutritional guidance, we want the MAC to stand as a health club that is comfortable and encouraging with a fun atmosphere for all. Let’s continue to grow the MAC community together by creating a great environment with friends and family as they join the club. (more…)

New Year, New Look!

Recharge your new year with a new look from Jack Jerome!mens-main

As a MAC member, you’re already dedicating time and energy into getting your body fit and looking great. The New Year is a great time to make sure your wardrobe showcases all your hard work.  With 2013 upon us, let Jack Jerome help you refine your wardrobe to reflect the positive image you want to portray.

personal-shoppingJack Jerome is a neighborhood boutique for men and women located just minutes from the MAC on NE 55th Street. Built on the idea of bringing new energy and style to Northeast Seattle, their customer’s needs are at the center of everything they do.  Do you open your closet everyday to an endless assortment of pieces that don’t work together?  Do you have pieces in your closet that don’t necessarily fit or flatter?   (more…)

Working out with a teammate may be better for you


A Kansas State University study claims that working out with a teammate or colleague you think is better than you can help increase your workout time and intensity by up to 200%.

The study looked at whether individuals trained harder when they worked out alone, with a virtual partner or with a teammate/partner they believed to be better than them. (more…)

Keep Your Routine During the Holidays

  •  If you normally workout in the morning, but are away from home- go for a brisk walk, jog.. or bring your favorite yoga DVD.
  • Eat  real meals!  Don’t skip your usual breakfast or lunch time- make sure you stick to an eating schedule your body is used to.  Skipping meals is the # 1 cause of weight gain.
  • Go to bed near your usual time.  Staying up  leads to more late night munching.  We eat when are tired.  Just  Go to Bed!