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Balancing Fitness With a Busy Life

200512406-001Strategies to help you accomplish far more in less time.
By Jim Smith

“Dad, can you skip the gym today and spend time with us instead?”

This simple question from my daughter, early on a Saturday morning, crushed me. Growing up without a father, I had vowed to spend as much time with my kids as possible — especially when they were younger, when they really needed my guidance and time.

On weekdays, I have the countless responsibilities that go with work; the weekends are supposed to be family time. This Saturday morning, though, I was heading out to a workout for myself.

But hearing that question, and seeing the look on my daughter’s face, made me realize I had to find a way to get my workouts done quickly and efficiently so they wouldn’t impact the time I had for my girls. (more…)

This Is Not a Story About Last Place

[image]Stefano SirottiTaylor Phinney’s solo ride during the Tirreno-Adriatico on Monday.

This is a story about a guy who finished last. Which is technically true. You can look up the results of the race, and you’ll see his name, right there, lonely at the bottom. Taylor Phinney. USA. Finishing time of six hours, twenty-two minutes, fifty-four seconds. One hundred-and-ninth place. Last.

But this story is better than that. (more…)

New Year, New Look!

Recharge your new year with a new look from Jack Jerome!mens-main

As a MAC member, you’re already dedicating time and energy into getting your body fit and looking great. The New Year is a great time to make sure your wardrobe showcases all your hard work.  With 2013 upon us, let Jack Jerome help you refine your wardrobe to reflect the positive image you want to portray.

personal-shoppingJack Jerome is a neighborhood boutique for men and women located just minutes from the MAC on NE 55th Street. Built on the idea of bringing new energy and style to Northeast Seattle, their customer’s needs are at the center of everything they do.  Do you open your closet everyday to an endless assortment of pieces that don’t work together?  Do you have pieces in your closet that don’t necessarily fit or flatter?   (more…)

Take the Lead Role!

Do you lose yourself each holiday season?  Don’t  fall off your own wish  list.  Would Actor Daniel Craig (latest 007)  eat handfuls of caramel corn and shrug off his workouts?  If you are wishing for a better bod this year… Prioritize yourself!
Be an example of health! Ever consider others may feel the same way you do? Opting out of fattening treats just may make it easier for your friend or neighbor to do the same. Feel great together! My advice – if the taste of feeling thin trumps your treat, then Just say No!
My clients often tell me they get de-railed and regret eating  holiday sweets.  They say ” I don’t want to be rude” – by not eating gifted foods or it’s part of my tradition.  Yes… Almond Roca and Chex Mix can be almost nostalgic, but if you would like to dump the tradition of feeling fat… then pick a healthier treat! These little nuggets and small handfuls pack a whopping 9 g fat per 2 oz serving!
Check out Breanne’s blog each Tues through Dec  for yummy, healthy holiday treat alternatives!  www.breannetrains.com

Olympic Foods – What world class athletes need

I decided to celebrate the Olmpics this year with an Opening Party!

My husband and I had some friends over and watched the Opening Ceremonies from London with some amazing foods!

OLYMPIC FOODS!  – stay tuned this week for recipes!

1.  Jicama Watercress salad with citrus vinagrette

2.  Black rice and mango salad

3.  Cinnamon beef

4.  Fish

5.  guacomole (avocado)

6.  corn on the cob

7.  pickled onions

8.  corn tortillas

Foods world class athletes eat.  Why?


These foods increase

  • circulation
  • energy
  • heart health
  • cellular metabolism
  • immune system
  • mineral absorption
  • bone density
  • digestion

they also decrease

  • inflammation (overtraining induced)
  • weight gain
  • oxidation (from bad foods and pollution)

Jicama Watercress salad with citrus vinagrette 

Why athletes eat it:

Jicama Anti-inflammatory, high in B vitamins, potassium, iron, magnesium, increases cellular metabolism (a must for endurance athletes)

Why you eat it:

it’s loaded with all sorts of healthy benefits including vitamin C, lots of iron, and a dietary fiber called inulin that speeds up your digestive system!  The best thing about eating it?  Virtually no calories!


A study published in the British Journal of  Nutrition reports that eating a small amount of this leafy green each day raised  levels of key antioxidants that fend of damage caused by exercise. – Overtraining causes stress on the body and inflammation

Why you eat it :

Decreases inflammation and oxidants from bad foods and environments.

This salad is chock full of nutrients and deliciousness – Read on for recipe!


Breakfast Club, Final Meeting!

Are you eating breakfast?  Could it be better?

Last week I posted options for rushed days, to keep your sanity, energy and pant size (or DROP ONE!)

This is the last of the breakfast club!   I have given you two more options.
For more relaxed days and in-between days.    Get on the breakfast train!

All Olympic Athletes eat breakfast!  Be awesome and beautiful, join the club!   Read on


Legs up the Wall, Easy and necessary!

sit close to wall – knees bent and arms around knee- rt shoulder and knee pressed against wall – then turn onto your back. Adjust accordingly. Keep back flat and legs straight – bend knees if too intense

The previous post on Flexibility is and awesome and much needed post! This has been a recent focus in my weight loss group class – COVER SHOT.   Did you know that if you are more flexible, you will gain more muscle?  And that more muscle burns more calories?   To burn brighter.. learn to lengthen and let go ( stay in the stretch.. try 2 mins per stretch)

Last Wed ( 7/ 18) We were joined by Jasyoga http://www.jasyoga.com  
Erin Taylor, Owner and RYT , along with associate Kendra – let participants through a stretching sequence and letting go exercises, to release tension and stress in both their body and mind. With more flexibility you can strengthen much more and reduce setbacks.

One exercise – Super simple , than ANYONE can do every night – legs up the wall.

Contact Erin Taylor at http://www.jasyoga for info!