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Of Sound Body and Mind

TillieEmployee Spotlight: Tillie Bennet

Although the least populated of the 50 states, Wyoming is famous for cowboys, bison, the meeting place of the the Great Plains and The Rocky Mountains, rodeos, Horned Toads and Yellowstone National Park.  Here at the MAC, we recognize Wyoming as also famous for producing our Yoga instructor and Receptionist, Tillie Bennett.

Growing up in Wyoming, Tillie took full advantage of the great outdoors with a very active lifestyle.  Track meets and cross-country skiing competitions were just a couple of ways she began to lay the foundation for her love of fitness.  As a youth, Tillie realized, if you are fit, even a 30-mile race in sub-zero temperatures becomes possible (and it doesn’t hurt to have Yellowstone National Park as the backdrop).


Body Breakthrough is a Hit!

BB newsThere are a lot of components that go into creating a truly healthy lifestyle.  Balancing the elements of nutrition, physical exercise, mental health, motivation and the limitations of time can be daunting, especially for those who are in real need of a lifestyle change.  Fortunately, the MAC has a program that can help you create and foster effective nutritional, exercise and mental habits that lead to lifestyle changes promoting a long-term healthier you, both internally and externally.  The program is called Body Breakthrough.


MAC’s Community Leader


Member Spotlight: Andrew Benjamin

The MAC enjoys a membership that represents a broad reach into the surrounding Seattle area, but we are especially proud to serve the local community in which we reside.  Member Andrew Benjamin is a good example of the type of relationship we have worked hard to establish with our local Laurelhurst neighborhood.

Andrew is an attorney and Principal of Benjamin Law Group, PLLC in Laurelhurst.  His offices are located just a 10 minute drive away from the MAC.  Although the location makes the MAC an ideal place for his workouts, Andrew was not always a member here, previously working out at Pro-Robics. Admittedly a tough critic, Andrew recognizes the top class facilities, polite and friendly staff and the picturesque setting make the MAC the ideal environment for attaining his fitness goals.


How to Avoid the Seasonal Seven

ribeye_dinnerThe average American gains 7 pounds during the holidays!

The “seasonal seven” is a term used for the average weight Americans gain between Thanksgiving and New Years. Since the holidays are traditionally a time for fun and indulgence, you probably prefer not to think about fitness between Thanksgiving and New Years. You want to enjoy yourself, right? Don’t worry! The festivities don’t have to be eliminated or avoided. You can have an enjoyable time while also maintaining your weight and fitness regimen. Here are some simple tips to help avoid becoming part of the “seasonal seven” statistic.


Fat Science – Use Stress to get Slim

workoutGOOD NEWS !  You have a natural fat burning trigger in your body.  It’s called Adrenaline, That’s right – when energy soars with stress,   your body is ready to burn the most calories possible – Read on my friends !

STRESS can Burn Fat!

You can make your body more lean or more fat, depending on your response to stress.


Feast on Fitness

FOF WordleAre the turkey, trimmings and pumpkin pie of Thanksgiving weighing heavily on your mind and waistline?  Is the next month littered with high calorie buffet tables and festive cocktails associated with Holiday parties and family gatherings?  If you are looking for some way to manage the temptations of the Holiday Season while still participating in all it has to offer, we suggest you join us for the Feast on Fitness Challenge for the month of December.


Interested in Trying a New Class?

The MAC is very excited to host our first Group Exercise Jamboree on October 18th. Everyone is welcome to attend the GX-Jam-Picjamboree including friends, family and non-members; in fact non-members are encouraged to come! The Jamboree will start at 8 AM and will end at noon, so get there early and make the most of the FREE event. The MAC will be providing breakfast foods, orange juice, and coffee for anyone attending the event. Quest Bars will also be in attendance handing out samples of their healthy food products.  (more…)