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Finding Your Well-Rounded Fitness Routine Before the Holidays

6bac1b5f-849e-4c20-8b34-e1ba69476adbAfter numerous holiday parties, drinks with friends, and candy at the office, thousands of people will make a New Year’s
resolution to start fresh on January 1st. But what if you started six weeks early? Instead of playing catch up and trying to undo the damage you cause during the holidays, you could start the New Year off in a better position than you’re in now!



MAC Announcements

77a79ea1-c6dd-49f6-a175-15775de02405Discover Your New Favorite Group Fitness Class!
The Magnuson Athletic Club wants to encourage members to always try new fitness routines. What better way to get acquainted with the programs at the upcoming Group Fitness Open House!  

Join us on Saturday, November 7th from 8am-12pm. Free for all members and their friends, sample Group Fitness classes will be running all morning long, in addition to Training Q&A sessions and a light breakfast bar.

View the open house schedule here>>


Thanksgiving Hours

Your favorite foods always tastes better when you are hungry.  So work up your appetite on Thanksgiving Day before your feast.  Your athletic club will be open from 7:00am-2:00pm. The MiniMAC will be open from 8:00am-12:00pm. A special Group Fitness schedule will be released in November.


Feast on Fitness Member Challenge

Feast on Fitness this December! During the holiday season we are tempted with sweet treats and hearty meals all month long. At Magnuson Athletic Club, we want to encourage and challenge all members to counterbalance these impulses with fitness driven habits and healthy choices.

Can you make the commitment to workout 15 days this December to Feast on Fitness? We believe you can – and if you do, your dedication and hard work will be rewarded with a MAC Feast on Fitness T-shirt

Participations is simple! Continue to check-in each time you visit the club and throughout the month we will be tracking your progress. Once you have hit 15 days, you will be notified.

So let’s beat those holiday pounds and jump start your New Year’s resolutions. Take this time to come in and challenge yourself by trying something new! We offer fun and educating Group Fitness Classes or if you are looking for a new routine, try working out with any of our great Trainers in a Small Group Training session.

MAC Survey Results

GauntletsfdfdfThank you for participating in our most recent Facility Improvement and Service Fee survey. We strive to keep the MAC up to date with our facilities and equipment for the benefit of the club’s members and community. We are excited to announce that the MAC has purchased the following equipment that is scheduled to arrive before the new year! (more…)

Stop Undoing Your Workouts!

Breanne Curran  AADP CHHC, NS, NSCA CPT


canstockphoto10274454 (1)Unfortunately, your diet choices make it extremely easy to negate the hard work you put in toward your fitness goals. What you eat will either undo your workout or boost its results .  Picking something fast and convenient to eat doesn’t have to ruin you!  The trick is to plan in advance so that you have something healthy and highly nutritional that you prepped a few days ahead to “grab-and-go”.

You are all busy people.  To accomplish all your professional and/or family responsibilities throughout the course of a single day often requires intricate coordination using daily planners or “smart’ devices.  You dart back and forth between meetings or kid’s activities  with great efficiency, having planned for travel time and other variables.  And, you still find time for your workout.  So why is it that when it comes to refueling your body’s ability to keep up with a busy schedule and supporting your fitness goals, you suddenly have no plan and succumb to fast food and convenience eating? (more…)

MAC Employee Spotlight: Chauncy Gibbs

Chauncy Gibbs-1

While he was growing up in the agricultural region of eastern Oregon, there was not much that Chauncy Gibbs enjoyed about living and working on a wheat farm.  Now, as  he looks back on all the challenges and the opportunity to work closely with his family,  Chauncy fondly remembers the experience and what it taught him.  As a Operations Manager, Chauncy looks forward to bringing his strong work ethic and sense of community to Magnuson Athletic Club. (more…)

Exercise vs Training. What’s the Difference?

Coach’s Corner By Scott A. Jansen

c5dbcb27-95f7-4739-90b7-fffc0235244eI started lifting weights when I was 14 in freshman football. I could barely bench press the bar and the squat rack was terrifying. Since then, the journey of discovery of movement and exercise has been vast. Something I’ve been exposed to along that journey is worth sharing. It’s the difference between exercising and training.


Exercise is essential for a healthy life. It’s hard to imagine, but back in our grandparents’ day they thought you had a finite amount of energy and it should be used to work not play. “Play” these days is one of the buzzwords used by every organization from the NFL to the American Heart Association. They’re looking to get our youth moving more frequently. One such example is “Play 60” designed by the NFL to have children move for 60 minutes a day.

This brings up the question, what is exercise? (more…)

Get Fit. Stay Fit.

There are a lot of components that go into creating a truly healthy lifestyle.  Balancing the elements of nutrition, physical exercise, mental health, motivation, and the limitations of time can be daunting. Fortunately, Issaquah Fitness has a program that can help you create and foster effective nutritional, exercise, and mental habits that lead to lifestyle changes promoting a long-term healthier you, both internally and externally.  The program is called Body Breakthrough.