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MAC Member Spotlight: Lisa Swei

IMG_0935Tarot readings can be made about one’s past, present or future. Drawing the tarot card, Three of Cups, is a positive sign indicating success, love and happiness often present in celebrations with others.  In interviewing MAC member Lisa Swei as our current Member Spotlight, it is easy to think that the Three of Cups has long been drawn in her favor.

Lisa youth was full of great experiences with team sports and individual activities:  “When I was younger, I always played outside with the other kids in the neighborhood doing kick-ball or biking in addition to playing organized softball. As I got older, I played a lot of tennis.  I played tennis on my high school team and also in college at the University of Portland.  After tennis, I became an avid runner until about 3 years ago when I injured my hip.  I have always enjoyed having a trainer and working out with weights.”

After a very successful career at Microsoft, in 2013 Lisa and a friend/former co-worker started a new venture:  “I have always been in the high-tech field and I met my business partner, Mike Metheny, while I was working at Microsoft.  He decided to change careers and was going to get a degree in Enology and make wine.  I eventually wanted a career not in high-tech and so I managed to convince him that we should put our entrepreneurial hats on and start a winery.  It is really different than working in high-tech!”

Her history with Magnuson Athletic Club goes back to the beginning:  “When I lived closer to the MAC in Bryant, we got a flyer for the new club.  I was one of the first to sign-up because it was closer to my house at the time.  My husfriend (husband/boyfriend) and I moved but decided stay at the MAC since we only moved about 4 miles away. We really enjoy the MAC.  I found it to be a nice clean club with lots of good equipment as well as a great community of people.”


Enjoying time with family and friends figures prominently in Lisa’s present life:  “Most of my family is local as well as my husfriend’s family. We enjoy entertaining and love spending time with our friends and family.  We are empty nesters most of the time but have two Bernese Mountain Dogs that keep us busy and require lots of walks and we are avid golfers! For my day job, I contract at Microsoft in addition to running the winery.  I am also a Seahawks fan and attend most of the games!  Go Hawks!”

Lisa’s experience at the MAC, specifically working with Scott Jansen and the Action Hero program, is bringing a lot of current success:  “Scott has been an amazing trainer.  He really has transformed my body.  After I injured my hip, I had a long road to recover.  Scott’s workouts have made me pain-free and a lot stronger as well as flexible.  My body fat has decreased as well and Scott is an inspiration for healthy eating!  I’m so pleased with my results”


For Lisa, the forecast is to keep enjoying life and time with family, to have fun with her winery venture and to keep moving forward with long term fitness goals…and some short term ones as well:   “I definitely want to get leaner and be in great shape for golfing in Maui.”

For others looking to create success at balancing their fitness goals with everyday life, Lisa recommends finding help and inspiration, and taking time for yourself:  “Scott has totally inspired me to eat healthy and workout consistently. I also have a few friends who have really gotten in great shape and they are a true inspiration!  My recommendation to anyone is to always make time to workout!  It is hard to balance and sometimes hard to motivate yourself to workout but I always feel great after I do.  Additionally, I sleep better and I feel healthier.”
We are very grateful that Lisa has made the MAC her club of choice to continue her fitness success and to share her positive outlook and energy with the club’s community.  If you are interested in learning more about Lisa’s winery, would like to visit the tasting room or just want a great wine to share with friends, you can find it at the appropriately named Three of Cups Winery website (www.threeofcups.com).


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