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Feast on Fitness 2015

Member Challenge

MAC-FeastonFitness-Shirt2015Are the turkey, trimmings and pumpkin pie of Thanksgiving weighing heavily on your mind and waistline? Is the next month littered with high calorie buffet tables and festive cocktails associated with Holiday parties and family gatherings? If you are looking for some way to manage the temptations of the Holiday Season while still participating in all it has to offer, we suggest you join us for the Feast on Fitness Challenge for the month of December.

The Feast on Fitness Challenge is for all members who make the commitment to work out at Magnuson Athletic Club at least 15 times from December 1st through the 31st. The Holiday Season is a time for joy and celebration…but it can also be a time of excess and stress. We want you to enjoy the next month and your commitment to work out will enable you to do just that. The Feast on Fitness Challenge will help:

  • Combat the extra calories and indulgences that can happen during the Holidays.
  • Create more energy to survive office parties and family gatherings.
  • Deal positively with any additional stress that accompanies this time of year.
  • Create great habits that lead to a fit and healthy lifestyle regardless of the season.

All members who make the commitment and complete at least 15 days of workouts will receive a free t-shirt.

Participations is easy! Continue to check-in each time you come to the gym and we will tally up your participations.  Don’t just survive…thrive during this Holiday season while getting a great head start on your New Year’s resolution to become more fit in 2016.


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