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MAC Employee Spotlight: Chauncy Gibbs

Chauncy Gibbs-1

While he was growing up in the agricultural region of eastern Oregon, there was not much that Chauncy Gibbs enjoyed about living and working on a wheat farm.  Now, as  he looks back on all the challenges and the opportunity to work closely with his family,  Chauncy fondly remembers the experience and what it taught him.  As a Operations Manager, Chauncy looks forward to bringing his strong work ethic and sense of community to Magnuson Athletic Club.

Fitness has always been a part of Chauncy’s life.   As a high school athlete, he participated in football, baseball and rodeo.  When he started his career as a lifeguard at a local athletic club, he realized the world of fitness was where he belonged:  “I enjoy the interaction with customers, and helping them realize their fitness potential is a very powerful thing.”  Chauncy has also learned that fitness plays an important role in finding that balance between work and experiencing life.  His philosophy is to make sure to set aside time for self-care and to spend time doing things that bring you happiness and energy.

Having worked at other fitness clubs ranging from small operations to the “big box” gyms, Chauncy enjoys the unique experience that members get at the MAC.  By providing the fantastic equipment and facilities of a large gym with the intimate feel and personal touches of a smaller club, he feels members experience a “sense of community that is a rare situation in the industry and is truly inspirational.”

When he is not a the MAC, Chauncy is an avid cyclist who enjoys hitting the road for long rides.  You might also find him hiking, camping, snowshoeing or doing anything to spend time in the great outdoors, especially with his pet dog.

Throughout his fitness career, Chauncy has found inspiration from those he works for as well as those he works with.  He looks forward to this experience continuing at the MAC as he collaborates to inspire members as well as help foster the great fitness community at the club.

Welcome to the MAC, Chauncy.


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