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Too much of a good thing

You’ve just finished a great, healthy meal, so why do you feel gassy and tired?   Even if your plate was full of the most nutrient rich foods and ingredients, it is still possible to eat too much. Besides considering the quantity of what you are eating, you must also remember that your body processes and digests different foods in various ways and at different rates of speed.  Overloading the system with multiple types of foods can cause chaos for the body that you may end up experiencing as fatigue, bloating or other discomforts.

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To explain, imagine the workload at your job or office.  If your workload quantity, the types of tasks you are assigned and the time it takes for completion are all the same day in and day out, the job becomes routine and possibly easier.  However, if your in-basket has many different tasks with varying priorities and deadlines, you need to work harder to manage everything to insure proper completion.  The more time and effort it takes to get your job done can cause fatigue and stress. The body works the same way with food.  If you decide to eat a kale, spinach, quinoa, parsley,salad with lemon, walnuts, salmon, green peas and goat cheese, you are probably asking your body to digest and assimilate too many different ingredients in one meal.

Your body will have to work much harder and that may leave you feeling less than great regardless of what you ate.

For nutritional success with your diet, keep it simple;

  • High quality, less quantity – Stick with a maximum of four, high-quality ingredients for your meal.
  • Keep portions appropriate.
  • Take time to enjoy your meal – If you are hungry, eat. But chew slowly and completely to aid digestion.  Then, wait 5-10 minutes to see if you are still hungry. If so, you can always have more.

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