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MAC Taekwondo:  Martial Arts for Modern Day

TaekwondoOne of the original ideals behind the practice of Taekwondo is that participants work to create a more peaceful world.  In addition, the concept of Moo Do is seen as the exercise of mastering the management of inevitable stresses and variables in life.  With those goals, Taekwondo may be a perfect match for our modern lives where we desire a more harmonious existence in the face of a fast-paced and dynamic world.  It may also explain why Taekwondo is one the fastest growing programs we offer at the MAC.

MAC Taekwondo is led by the very experienced Mr. Matt Hartman.  An instructor since 2002, Matt has extensive experience teaching Taekwondo to students of all ages.  The classes hold true to the Moo Do philosophy of students learning in a cooperative environment as the group may include students of multiple ages and abilities.  Mr. Matt Hartman customizes each participant’s training so they can achieve their individual goals and reach their next level within the class setting.   Self-development and confidence building are the primary goals of the class. Curriculum highlights include form memorization, kicking, blocking, as well as light contact and cooperative sparring.

Whether you are looking for something new to add to your fitness plan or you are looking for an activity for your child, MAC Taekwondo may be the answer to your exercise questions.  Our classes have been filling up rapidly so don’t hesitate to join.

If you need more information see, our website at www.macseattle.com/MAC-Taekwondo.

Or email or phone us at:  info@macseattle.com | (206) 452-1500


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