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I’m not there….yet! By Janet Germeraad, MAC Member Spotlight

In this edition of the Member Spotlight, Janet, a MAC member shares her experiences in her own creative words.  Enjoy.

I’m not there….yet!!!!  By Janet Germeraad, MAC Member

MemberSpotlightGym membership check! Joining the Magnuson Athletic Club was seemingly just one more important detail checked off on life’s “to do” list. I first visited the MAC with a friend on a guest pass and MAC had better hours and parking than my current gym. Two weeks later I dropped off my voting ballot at the Magnuson collection box and went over to join the gym (I did not stay to workout).  Boom! Civic responsibility and physical fitness check… I was doing well at this life thing!

“Don’t worry. Everything is going to be amazing”. – Unknown Author
  I have belonged to a gym of some sort for over 20 years. I have logged countless miles on treadmills, tracks, and ellipticals. I have pumped free weight iron, mastered leg lifts on machines, and with no grace, awkwardly gasped for air through many aerobics and jazzercise classes. I have found myself on a rubber mat looking more like a tangled string of holiday lights and less like a perfect lotus pose.

My first months at MAC I did all the same safe things I had always done; hours on the treadmill or elliptical in the least visible location on the gym floor. Nothing was really changing except that I went more often because the parking was better.  An old proverb states “Worry is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere. All the time spent on a treadmill without being intentional about my fitness was about as useful to my wellbeing as worrying in a rocking chair.

The motivation of the open parking lot was losing its pull. Each time as I left the locker room, one phrase on a poster stood out…“Body Breakthrough”.  I finally read the whole sign and called Breanne Curran, MAC Nutritionist. I asked Breanne if this was something for a 48 year old woman who could not seem to budge the scale, and was not athletic at all.  “YES! Body Breakthrough is perfect for this. You are going to love how you feel and look!” was the answer I got back. I said OK. And to the familiar negative, judgmental voice in my head, I said “I’m not listening and I am going to try this anyway.”

“Now is the time to live your ideal life.” – Cousineau  I read that many times before I heard it. Once I heard it in the depths of my heart, everything shifted. Engaging in my life is what makes it ideal. My membership at MAC was a big part of stepping up and engaging in my life. The MAC staff is encouraging, knowledgeable, professional, and fun. I am motivated by awesome classmates in the gym and in nutrition class. My experience in Body Breakthrough has been one of feeling like a whole person with flaws and all. We get to choose what we learn and this is so powerful. My past life taught me a variety of habits and actions; like to not eat breakfast, candy bars don’t count if nobody sees you eat them, the complicated multitasking of sitting on a couch balancing a bowl of ice cream while navigating with the TV remote, to find the elevator in any building, to avoid a mirror or scale, and that coffee is a primary food source. My New and Improved learning includes to go to bed early so I can get up every morning and do a cheer for me, stretch, and drink a quart of water, energy at the end of the day comes in part from eating breakfast at the beginning of the day and dynamic food in… dynamic energy out!  I didn’t have to fight to give up old habits. I simply made the choice to exclude them as there was not enough time in the day to include the old habits and still live my ideal life. I’m not missing out, I’m diving in.  Breanne and Scott taught me that I could work out and get strong anywhere so “finding time” is no longer an excuse.  Everyday tasks can stretch and strengthen; take the stairs, walk during breaks, even carrying kids can help. You will find yourself with a half hour for the gym and then it will grow from there. Just engage.

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” – Unknown Author   Working out in small group classes has been a very powerful experience. Scott Jansen, MAC Fitness Manager makes the hard work seem effortless, easy, and fun. I feel ridiculous sliding on felt squares across the gym floor in water bug formation in the name of dynamic fitness.  It is fun because I’m not the only one doing it and I am grateful to my amazing classmates for just laughing all together and getting down on all fours to do this. The workout is not effortless or easy, it’s not supposed to be. It is also not impossible as I’ve lived just fine through each one. I feel strong when I slam a 20 pound medicine ball, and catch it! Turns out we all have the “core” all the fitness magazines talk about. Being strong, being healthy, being inspired by my own progress makes my life, in general, more effortless and easy. I have that energy at the end of the day. Recently a friend said to me on a Friday evening “How much coffee do you drink to have all this energy?” “I had a cup on Tuesday” was my reply. Scott has a fun light hearted non-intimidating style of teaching/coaching. He sees everything and has a multiplicity of professional skills to analyze what he sees in an individual’s movement and their potential. My first few classes I found myself saying “I can’t do that.”  Scott responds to all “I can’t…” statements by simply adding the powerful word, YET.  Just try that with yourself “I can’t (whatever it is)…..yet.”
Moving my mindset is one of the most dynamic moves I’ve ever made.  Authentic, Joyful, and Groovy! Power words that I chose for myself as part of the Body Breakthrough Program at the MAC. My general goal at the start was to lose the last few sticky pounds but I had no idea how transforming the process would be for my mind and body. The complexity of who we are and what we can be is not summarized in a 3 digit number on a scale. Find your words, pull into a rock star parking spot just waiting for you at MAC, and get moving! You can do it and you will have no regrets about engaging more fully in your own life. Thanks MAC!


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