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MAC Employee Spotlight:  Jack LaurenceJack Laurence

In his job as Host at the Magnuson Athletic Club, Jack Laurence is on the front lines our business of helping others achieve their fitness goals.  With his love of sports and the outdoors, dedication to work and personal experience, Jack in not only a great resource for members but also a model of someone living an active and fit life.

From common facility and membership questions to more focused member concerns, Jack is confident MAC members feel comfortable working with him to find solutions for their individual needs and goals.  He enjoys the community feel of the club and working with the MAC team to help create a stress free and supportive atmosphere for staff and members. Feeling valued as a team member helps him add value in his job and pass it along to members.

Jack subscribes to the work hard, play hard philosophy toward life.  His attitudes have developed on the many competitive sports fields he played on as a youth and in college.  When he is not at the MAC assisting members, you might find him boating, hiking or playing ultimate frisbee with family and friends.  Or you may not find him at all.  As an Eagle Scout, Jack is very comfortable in the great outdoors and may take to the unbeaten path to camp, back pack or mountain climb.

Although the MAC is a great fit for his life, Jack has an eye toward the future.  As a graduate with a Business Administration degree from the University of Redlands, he is hoping to eventually work in marketing or consulting for an entertainment focused company or with an established tech business.  Jack has a great support network of family and friends who provide constant inspiration for him to continue his growth as a professional.  He credits his parents with instilling in him a strong work ethic and to hold himself accountable to the highest standards…his own.

The rules for keeping a balance between life and work are pretty simple for Jack.  He believes that you should not be afraid of hard work and to take on as much as you can if you hope to learn and progress.  At the same time, it is important to make time for the mechanisms to release daily stress (for Jack, that is his gym workout time) as well as time to enjoy the company of family and friends.

If you haven’t met Jack yet, stop by and say hello.  We are happy to have him on the MAC team helping our members live active and fit lives and showing us all what that means by living one himself.


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