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This Woman is Strong… Member Spotlight: Deb Bryan

Garrison Keillor created the fictional town ofIMG_0005 Lake Wobegon for his popular radio program, “Prairie Home Companion.”  In this made up community supposedly situated in Central Minnesota, listeners were treated to stories the author spun of a small town “where the women are strong and the men good-looking and all the children above average.”  MAC member Deb Bryan grew up in Albany, Minnesota, in the heart of the area where Lake Wobegon supposedly existed and a partial model for the author’s creation.  And while she bares no resemblance to any of Keillor’s cast of characters, Deb has revealed to the MAC community that she is indeed a woman of strength.

Growing up in Albany, Deb was a self-admitted chubby child, the product of a staple diet of comfort foods like ground beef and mashed potatoes.  Having thinned out in her teens, she was no longer the last kid picked for the sports teams.  Deb spent her post college years in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Her favorite exercise routine at that time consisted mostly of walking.  In 1994, Deb moved to Seattle.  She started training at various gyms, depending on their proximity to her current work location.  In 2009, Deb began to work with a trainer to get more out of her gym visits.  While she was pleased with the body toning and strengthening results she experienced, the gym was unclean, had poor equipment  and was generally not well run.  After receiving a postcard about the MAC opening, Deb and her husband, Tim, took a tour of the facility and became members in 2012.

No longer just a walker, Deb enjoys a lot of the classes and facilities that the MAC has to offer. To supplement her time on the treadmills and elliptical machines, she has recently started using the rowing machine and the versa climber.  Her two favorite group training experiences are the cycling classes and Alpha Strong.  Deb had never tried cycling before getting hooked with her first class when she started at the MAC in 2012.  She is currently enjoying her second session of Alpha Strong and expresses that “it is so much fun!  Throwing those sand bags around is a great way to get in shape for all the things we do daily in our regular life.”

When Deb is not at Magnuson Athletic Club, she is a full time accountant for a group of physicians that work at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Music is also a big part of her life, as she takes lessons and plays the violin in a community orchestra.  House remodeling and garden projects also round out the the activities that fill Deb and Tim’s lives.  However, no matter how busy her schedule gets, Deb always finds time for her workouts even if it’s just a simple walk.  The experience of making fitness a priority in her life positively affects her ability to accomplish all her goals; “Exercise keeps me mentally balanced and gives me energy to do yard work, projects, and helps me sleep better too.”

We are proud to have members like Deb, who are self-motivated and understand the importance of staying fit and healthy.  And if our club community can share one trait with the fictional little central Minnesota town of Lake Wobegon, it’s that here at the MAC we too find that all “the women are strong”… just like Deb Bryan.


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