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No More Ifs, Ands or Lazy Butts

How personal training can benefit you!No-Excuses-Stop

You’ve seen them working out at the club… those members getting personalized attention from trainers.  They get in, do their work and get out… quick and efficient. And if you have watched them over time, you’ve seen them making progress; getting stronger, getting leaner, increasing mobility, increasing energy.  And maybe you’ve even thought to yourself; “If only I had a personal trainer to work with.” or  “I would do it, but, I don’t have the time or resources.”

Well, no more “ifs”, “ands” or lazy “butts”… now is the chance to see how Personal Training  can work for you.

For a limited time, current Issaquah Fitness members who have never purchased a Personal Training session before, can sign up for a FREE 30 minute Program Evaluation of their current exercise regimen or routine.  Our Personal Trainers are experts in helping others achieve their fitness goals and they are motivated to get you going in the right direction.  Here is your chance to try Personal Training; you can have your questions answered and your exercise program refined.

To take advantage of this opportunity, complete the Exercise Program Evaluation form and you will be matched with a Personal Trainer for your free session.

Click here to sign up for your FREE 30 minute Exercise Program Evaluation

So don’t delay.  On the road to your fitness success and healthier life, get on the fast track with help from the expert crew of Personal Trainers at Magnuson Athletic Club.

If you have additional questions, contact us at info@macseattle.com


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