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Member Spotlight:  Judith KnowlesJudith Knowles

Magnuson Athletic Club member Judith Knowles lives in Ballard.  While it is a great neighborhood  with lots of character, charm and services, it is not exactly adjacent to the MAC.  So when asked why  she doesn’t join any number of gyms closer to her home, Judith explains “I simply can’t leave The MAC, I love the people and classes too much.”  We can comfortably say that the feeling is mutual, Judith.

Born and raised in Seattle, Judith was active growing up; participating in cheerleading and acting, and dabbling in sports.  Today, she is busy as a part-time voice actor and a full-time mother of three children, ages 14, 11 and 7.  Although work and her family keep her schedule full, Judith makes time to get to the MAC every Monday through Friday.

 Over the years, Judith’s workout routine has changed at the club.  She began as a self-described “solo exerciser”, only keeping the company of the treadmill and elliptical machines.  When she got the courage to try a Tabata class, Judith found she really enjoyed the group fitness environment.  Not only were the exercises challenging and fun but working with group instructors, like Mindy Pederson and Bruce Gillespie, was very motivating and rewarding as well. It was not long before Judith was branching out to other group classes like Spin and Barre.  She appreciates the community experience of group training.  And the chance to be with the many friends she has made in classes at the MAC, gives her more motivation to keep up her training schedule.

 Judith is aware that exercise is only part of the equation for a fit lifestyle and is very conscious of eating a healthy diet as well.  She includes a lot of green vegetables at her meals when possible and one of her favorite concoctions to satisfy an empty stomach is a mix of raw oats, Flax, berries and yogurt.  While Judith is pretty good at watching what she eats, she doesn’t deny herself the occasional treat like dark chocolate, wine or popcorn.

 The secret to a happy life for Judith Knowles is simple; spending time with family and friends, and staying healthy.  Whether she is working up a sweat with her friends in group classes at the MAC or she is biking or hiking with her boyfriend, Judith realizes that it is important to be comfortable and have fun with your fitness routines.  Even if that means a short commute from Ballard.

 We are delighted to have Judith as a member of the MAC family and honored that she goes the extra mile to partner with us for her health and fitness.


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