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Small Changes Lead to Big Successes

Madison Darnell

Employee Spotlight: Madison Darnall

The Seattle native, Magnuson Athletic Club Personal Trainer Madison Darnall, is inspired by those who make careers out of their athleticism. Although they may not know it, Madison’s clients inspire her every day. She puts her clients through a gauntlet of challenges every day she works with them and is impressed by how much effort they put forward. These hardworking clients are a huge driver behind her work  in and out of the gym.


After already going through two years of school, Madison plans to resurge her math and science background by attaining a degree in nutrition. This will make her an extremely multidimensional trainer, able to effectively offer physical training advice along with diet and lifestyle choice plans.

Body imbalances are prevalent in almost everybody, and Madison has a special gift for seeing these imbalances in her clients as well as putting together a program to help them. She recommends that people start small, by going for a walk or changing their diets in a small, healthier way. This is the first step to discovering that everybody is capable of so much more than they know. Her mantra is that small changes lead to big successes and that real change does not occur overnight.

 Seniors are a group of people who Madison loves to work with, contrary to her high-level training background. She is aware that each person needs a different training regiment to be successful athletically and can adjust her training style to suit that. Her goal for each of her clients is to allow them to create a body that will help them live their lives more effectively. For each of her clients, no matter their age or level, Madison wants them to be challenged mentally and physically enough to realize their full potential.

The MAC is overjoyed with having such a passionate trainer in their midst, and has an exponentially brighter atmosphere when she is in the building.


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