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Keep it Simple… CLEAN YOUR PLATE !

TraceyLose 20 pounds, shed inches and stress… want to know how?

Clean your plate…but not in the way your mother used to tell you to do before you could leave the dinner table.  Rather, put less on your plate to begin with.  I mean this in every possible sense of your life literally, with less food and figuratively, with less commitments and activities in your daily life.  If you are juggling multiple things at once and struggling to keep up, chances are you are struggling with your health and/or weight as well.


As counterintuitive as this may sound, doing less may actually help you become more fit and lose weight. Most of my clients seeking weight loss first come into my office with overwhelmed lives. They are highly accomplished and high performing people, but simply have piled too much on their plate! They are looking for the magic potion or remedy to solve their issues–maybe the latest fat blasting herb or high intensity workout .  Many are confused when I tell them, “You need to keep it simple first.”  People who are more calm, fit and inspired know how to stick to their boundaries and keep just the right amount on their plate.

When we overeat , we have resulting consequences – we often feel sluggish , tight in our bodies and have a hard time sleeping. The exact same thing happens when we over commit ourselves! To get lean and toned , you must first watch what you are saying “yes” to on your plate. Remember, there is always more food later IF you are still hungry and there is always more time or another day if you want to add more activities and responsibilities later. However, the consequences of overeating and over-doing NOW are hard to undo later.

Once you start putting fewer demands/commitments on your plate, you will also eat less, know when you are truly hungry, and experience a higher metabolic rate. This is an example of how the psychological and physiological work together. When you are calm and content – you are more in tune with your mind and body and any sensory signals like feeling hungry.  On the other hand, stress ( even good stress like adrenaline) creates a false hunger. You get hungry – but not necessarily as a result of naturally calorie-burning activity. Humans that are consistently stressed are at greater risk of developing a lack of control in their eating and sleeping patterns. This can be a MAJOR  roadblock to weight loss.  


Step back. Reset with some down time and great nourishment!  The last thing you need is another demand on your body. When you are extra busy in life, you don’t need to squeeze in an hour in the gym.  Stick with 2-3 great feeling  moves for 10-20 mins 5 days a week. Most of my clients find when they back off their workouts a bit and create more space in their day they actually lose weight!

Make sure you have a handle on the basics your body requires for good health-sleep , hydration, eating actual meals without distractions and some fresh air daily. Keep it simple… take a look at what may be overwhelming your life  or what is sucking away your energy and joy, then see if you can reorganize it or eliminate it altogether.

Take a critical look at the “what, why and how” of the nutrition you are providing yourself. What is the nutritional value of what you are eating? The right foods will have a better effect on your energy levels than more of the wrong foods. Why are you eating this meal?  Is this meal and its size  what you always have at this time or is it what your body needs at this time? And finally, How are you eating your meal?  Look at the mechanics of how you eat…is your lack of time causing you to shovel your food in without properly chewing and finishing each bite?  Are you  trying to work and eat at the same time?  Slow down and savor each taste. You may find you are feeling content and satisfied sooner, having consumed less on your plate.

I recently came across a great article in Mantra Health Magazine.  Roni Ellisabeth ,  A  Wellness contributor to FOX News  said it all perfectly with:

“ Stress is the result of over programing your heart” If your mind just began to say … “Yeah, but she doesn’t understand , she doesn’t know all the things that are expected of me “  then you are exactly who I am talking to.  Take ownership of the choices you are making that are creating stress.”

“CEO’s are people who learned how to accomplish more with less effort, how to delegate, and when to say no. You are the CEO of your life. No longer allow stress to be the mantra that you march to as you run your errands.  If you make choices that over program your heart , then you will create stress. You have to say no. Your kids don’t have to be a part of four teams and activities, your partner really  can chip in more. You can change your job. You have the ability to change your stress level right now! “

Take ownership, decide what you want and demand nothing less. Then we can talk about calories and workouts .

Yours in Health

Breanne Curran
MAC Nutritionist and Personal Trainer



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