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Member Spotlight: Andrew Benjamin

The MAC enjoys a membership that represents a broad reach into the surrounding Seattle area, but we are especially proud to serve the local community in which we reside.  Member Andrew Benjamin is a good example of the type of relationship we have worked hard to establish with our local Laurelhurst neighborhood.

Andrew is an attorney and Principal of Benjamin Law Group, PLLC in Laurelhurst.  His offices are located just a 10 minute drive away from the MAC.  Although the location makes the MAC an ideal place for his workouts, Andrew was not always a member here, previously working out at Pro-Robics. Admittedly a tough critic, Andrew recognizes the top class facilities, polite and friendly staff and the picturesque setting make the MAC the ideal environment for attaining his fitness goals.

Since moving to the MAC, Andrew has become more committed to his fitness, as it has not always been a priority.  In order to cope with the rigors of everyday life, he set fitness goals to become stronger, more agile and increase his endurance.  Andrew enlists the help of our personal trainers, as well as participates in classes that fit his needs.  He meets with the MAC Fitness Manager, Scott Jansen, for intensive and personalized training twice a week.  Andrew credits Scott’s ability to motivate on a personal level and his talent for designing member-specific workouts for him being in the best shape of his life.  To supplement the time he spends with Scott, Andrew also participates in the fun and challenging Action Hero classes.  He enjoys the drop-in style of the class to accommodate members and has often had friends join him for the program.

Along with achieving his fitness goals, Andrew enjoys the camaraderie that comes along with the MAC community.  He has made numerous friends with people of all ages through his time spent at the club.  Andrew especially appreciates the MAC experience, which he describes as that delicate balance between casual and yet, respectful when it comes to talking to members during their workouts and honoring people’s preferences and personal space.

We are very proud to have such a leader in the community with us here at the MAC. Thank you for your membership, Andrew, and we look forward to continuing as your neighborhood partner in fitness.

If you are interested in the Action Hero program please visit our site for more details!


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