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Body Breakthrough is a Hit!

BB newsThere are a lot of components that go into creating a truly healthy lifestyle.  Balancing the elements of nutrition, physical exercise, mental health, motivation and the limitations of time can be daunting, especially for those who are in real need of a lifestyle change.  Fortunately, the MAC has a program that can help you create and foster effective nutritional, exercise and mental habits that lead to lifestyle changes promoting a long-term healthier you, both internally and externally.  The program is called Body Breakthrough.

Body Breakthrough was developed by MAC Fitness Trainer, Breanne Curran.  Besides being a NSCA Certified Trainer, Breanne is also a CHHC Nutritionist which has helped her establish a very holistic approach to lifestyle and body change.  The program also allows you to determine the level of participation and commitment you want based on your schedule..  Classes are small to allow personal attention, while still allowing the positive reinforcement of the collective. All participants start at the entry level 12-week class series called CLEAN.  Breanne tailors the program for each of her class members.  The program also allows you to determine the level of participation and commitment you want, offering plans as extensive as 55 total sessions (48 workouts and 7 nutrition classes) over the 12 weeks, to plans that total 19 sessions (12 workouts and 7 nutrition classes) for the same period.  Over the twelve week program, participants will be able to see not only physical changes but also the mental health improvements from an improved diet and workout routine.

Over the last two years, Body Breakthrough has achieved some fantastic results for participants.  The last session which ended on December 3rd saw great results for the participants.  On average each participant lost 3.85% body fat, 7.52 inches, and 6.4 pounds over 12 weeks.


Because of it’s popularity, Breanne has enlisted the help of more trainers so that each participant gets the benefit of that personal experience.  Scott Jansen, Fitness Manager for the MAC, has played an integral part assisting Breanne and getting the program to where it is today.  Also joining the Body Breakthrough training team is Sara Finneseth and Sue Gallas, both who have extensive experience and have been brought up to speed on this life-changing program.

We are very excited to offer this lifestyle changing program for our MAC members.  Register before December 15th at 7 pm for exclusive pricing.

If you are interested in joining or need more information, contact bcurran@issaquahfitness.net or visit our website here!


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