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TillieEmployee Spotlight: Tillie Bennet

Although the least populated of the 50 states, Wyoming is famous for cowboys, bison, the meeting place of the the Great Plains and The Rocky Mountains, rodeos, Horned Toads and Yellowstone National Park.  Here at the MAC, we recognize Wyoming as also famous for producing our Yoga instructor and Receptionist, Tillie Bennett.

Growing up in Wyoming, Tillie took full advantage of the great outdoors with a very active lifestyle.  Track meets and cross-country skiing competitions were just a couple of ways she began to lay the foundation for her love of fitness.  As a youth, Tillie realized, if you are fit, even a 30-mile race in sub-zero temperatures becomes possible (and it doesn’t hurt to have Yellowstone National Park as the backdrop).

After moving to Bozeman to continue her education, Tillie eventually ended up in Seattle to finish her degree in elementary education.  With family in the area, Seattle was a comfortable destination and it became the setting for Tillie’s yoga introduction.  Immediately after taking her first class, she felt an attraction to yoga and it wasn’t long before Tillie recognized that she found her passion. Wanting to further her Yoga education and become a teacher, she set out to find the best situation for her training.  That search led Tillie to study in India under Guru Shanmukha Anantha Natha at the Shri Kali Ashram school.  On her return, Tillie was eager to share her experience and yoga knowledge with others and began teaching regularly in the Seattle area.

Tillies teaches her Restorative Yoga class three times a week in the Group Fitness Studio. One of the personal benefits for her is really getting to know her students.  Tillie appreciates the symbiotic relationship between student and teacher, acknowledging that she learns as much from her students, as they do from her.  We are proud to be the place where Tillie can share her love and experience of yoga and her journey…a journey that started in Wyoming and has gone to India and back.

If you would like to take one of Tillie’s classes, you can find the schedule here.  Or contact info@macseattle.com for more information.


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