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Fat Science – Use Stress to get Slim

workoutGOOD NEWS !  You have a natural fat burning trigger in your body.  It’s called Adrenaline, That’s right – when energy soars with stress,   your body is ready to burn the most calories possible – Read on my friends !

STRESS can Burn Fat!

You can make your body more lean or more fat, depending on your response to stress.

The trick is – picking the right response

Say you wake up to an email from someone in your life ( family member or boss) that immediately makes you say “ Oh shoot! “  you know the email – you don’t want to read, but because you are human you’ve got to know it’s contents.

Now it’s not good and it makes you ANGRY! You are immediately fired up with rage, your heart rate increases and you are hyper alert.

What you do with this energy will either make you strong, lean and happy or make you sick and fat.

  • Option 1 : Head out on  a hard run  and / or hit the weights in the gym for half an hour.
  • Option 2:  Call a friend and go out for a drink
  • Option 3: Immediately scour the kitchen for cookies.

Options 2 and 3 will make your make you gain more weight than usual and stress your body the most possible and here is why:  INSULIN is released when you put alcohol or food in your body. Insulin is the nemesis to fat loss and can produce the opposite effect on your body as adrenaline.

If you keep that energy in and continue to stay stressed, then in addition to an insulin rise, CORTISOL kicks in, Cortisol is more your “endurance stress” hormone-this is what you create when you are continuously anxious or stewing on a problem.  Cortisol puts the lock down on fat burning. Cortisol is mean, it will keep you sad, tired and fat.

You will also actually stress your body out twice as much and prolong your anger.  Why would you do that!?

Best choice is to RELEASE ENERGY!

Get rid of that negative energy from the email !  You are better than that .  Talk with a friend – but go for a walk with them , even if that’s by taking your phone on your own walk.  You do not need a treat ( drink etc..) at this point (that is giving the email power over you ) – you deserve to move!  Get in a great workout , drop inches and stress !  Show that boss or family member how stellar and thriving you are!

So what if you have a relatively calm and happy life, but want a kickass body?  No worries – We can call on Adrenaline on a daily basis .


Listen to great pumped up inspiring music  (kick in adrenaline rush!) get your brain and muscles 

revved up – then hit those weights and get some great cardio in!  Better yet, get into one of my small group training sessions – Kettlebell will get you the most bang for your buck!

I will keep you challenged, alert and performing at your highest…always with a good mix of intense weights, cardio and stretching – so you can actually do it all again tomorrow!

For best results – Sign up for Body Breakthrough!  – It’s challenging weights with high cardio (15 different workout times to choose from and then we put the full ATTACK on Fat  with Nutrition Workshops every 2 weeks and detailed work to keep you accountable daily! Registration opens Nov 24th.

Just remember the worst thing you can do after adrenaline rush is sit, and stay seated.  

So the next time your adrenaline spikes due to life’s stressful moments or you simply are excited while watching the latest action flick, don’t reach for a cocktail or popcorn to cope, get out and walk – no, better yet, STRETCH, LIFT, SQUAT and RUN it off.


Breanne Curran




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