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What Speed are you Running on?

What Speed are you Running on?

Recently I held a nutrition workshop on eating for weight loss.  An absolute game changer is eating for YOU!   Find your true metabolic rate, and you have won game one in the war against your waistline!

Think of a blender… if you put in a bunch of food and turn it on low – it will grind to a halt.

In contrast, if you put in a bunch of food and turn it on high with the help of some water (hydration is an absolute weight loss must), you will liquefy that stuff, making it easier for you to burn off and digest. Breanne Pic

Your “speed” is how much you are moving throughout your day.  If you are running on high, with work, family and workouts, feed that blender great stuff to break down.  If you neglect putting anything in it to work with, you will literally burn out the engine!  Do not work on empty – this will keep you holding on to Fat.

Now, say the next day you are not very active, sitting at your desk, and watching TV later.

This day your blender is on low speed, you do not need to feed it as much.  That food will just sit in the pitcher, rolling around, never fully breaking down, eventually turning into some lumpy consistency, where it will sit for a long time.

So I ask you – what speed are you running on?

Fuel appropriately for your day’s demands, increase your fat burning capabilities. Now if you don’t empty that blender, you need not add more!  Once you have grinded through that fuel completely, you can add more, but what is coming up next?  Is it a 3 hour long meeting, or is it household chores and an hour long kettlebell workout?

Feed your body the right foods.. you will end up with a slim belly and muscles to show off!  Choose the wrong food… you’ll end up with a roll over the top of your pants and a frustrated face.

Many of my clients eat the same foods as their kids, or partners… this constantly confuses me.  If you are struggling to lose weight, ask yourself  “Am I a growing child .. does my partner have the exact same routine as I do… are they seeking weight loss?”  If the answer is NO,  your plate should look different!

So what should you eat?

Before high energy needs –   Gluten free High energy carbohydrates.

After energy demands/ low energy days –  Nutrient packed Greens/ Vegetables and Lean Proteins.

Lucky for you!  I post weekly great recipes to keep up your arsenal against weight loss!  


Check out a great pre- workout/ High energy demand source (Ideal for breakfast or with some an awesome salad at lunch)… Gluten Free Zucchini Muffins.

Post workout – try the farmhand salad with salmon , or cooked greens with paleo meatballs.

Just something small I do for you all … Serving up Kick Butt Bodies and Eating Habits to Brag About!

Breanne Curran
Nutritionist, Health Coach and Trainer at the MAC


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