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Masseuse by Day and Hero by Night

Dawn Mueller became a member of the Magnuson Athletic Club not long after it opened in 2010.  When she and her husband joined the club, it ended a long cycle of trying out various facilities but not finding one that could cater to each of their individual fitness needs.  Dawn and her husband found the perfect balance of exceptional facilities, variety of programs, location and atmosphere all under the roof of the MAC.Dawn Mueller Pic

Being located so near to Dawn’s Laurelhurst home is certainly a major factor in her devotion to the MAC but it is only part of the equation.  She also finds  the access to highly experienced and helpful trainers as well as dynamic programs a big part of the MAC’s appeal.  When Dawn was trying unsuccessfully to continue her workouts through an ankle injury, she enlisted the help of the MAC’s Fitness Manager and trainer, Scott Jansen.  Scott helped Dawn tailor her exercises appropriately to be sensitive to her injury yet still achieve an effective workout.  Scott also introduced Dawn and her husband to the high powered ACTION HERO program he leads Monday through Thursday at 6:30 pm.  Like the inconspicuous hero who sheds his or her suit and workday persona to reveal the action star beneath, the program is designed for professionals who want a high intensity fitness option after work.  One of the things Dawn enjoys about the class is Scott’s ability to  mentor and keep all the participants working effectively and safely to achieve their goals.

While very pleased with all the tangible aspects of the MAC, what Dawn really feels sets it apart from other clubs is the great atmosphere that is promoted here.  From the moment she walks in the door, to the time spent in a weight room that is less intimidating and more welcoming, to the moment she leaves seeing smiling faces on other members enjoying their workouts, Dawn really appreciates the sense of community that she feels when she is at the MAC.

Although she likes her workouts, Dawn has plenty to keep her busy when she is away from the club.  As a massage therapist specializing in sports injury rehabilitation, she enjoys the rewards of helping athletes return to their top form.   Dawn and her husband use their well earned fitness to mountain bike, ski and hike.  And when it is finally time to relax, they do so with their dogs Stella and Orson.

The MAC is happy to have Dawn as a member of our club and our fitness community.  We wish her continued success as we partner with her in pursuit of her fitness goals.




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