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MAC’s Friendly Front Desk Face

One of the knowledgeable and friendly faces you may encounter at the front desk of the Magnuson Athletic Club is our newly promoted Operations Manager, Katy Rice. Katy has not been at the MAC for long, but her time here has made an impact  both professionally and personally.Katy Pic

Katy’s arrival at the MAC in January 2013 came on the heels of a car accident that left her with some substantial injuries and a different career path than the one she had originally planned.  Ever the optimist and motivated to move forward, Katy dove head first into her new position at the MiniMAC.  Her enthusiasm and personality were an immediate hit with kids and parents.  In April of this year, Katy was promoted to Operations Manager.  Her new position puts her front and center for MAC members as she is in charge of managing the desk and it’s staff.  This is just fine for Katy as she really enjoys interacting with the members and watching them strive for and reach their fitness goals.  It also gives her a chance to stay connected with the parents she met through the MiniMAC.   Katy is also enjoying the increased responsibilities of being part of the management team and the planning that is involved with keeping the MAC operating at a high level.

One of the benefits of working at the MAC is the access to the high quality facilities and excellent resources.  After her accident, Katy promised herself that she would take a bigger role in her own fitness.  She is proud of the fact that since beginning work at the MAC, she has been able to shed 55 pounds.  While she has personally tried out many of the programs offered at the MAC like Zumba, Body Combat and Body Pump (which also makes her a great resource for inquiring members), Katy credits the personal training time spent with Sara Finneseth as a big influence on her success.  According to Katy, not only is Sara one of the MAC’s best one-on-one trainers, but she is very knowledgeable and sensitive about working around and through Katy’s particular injuries from her accident.

When she is not working or working-out at the MAC, Katy has a few interests that keep her busy.  Spending quality time with her three-month-old nephew is high on her list.  Katy is also a life-long football fan having grown up watching her beloved Seahawks with her father and brother from the lean years to last year’s Super Bowl victory… no bandwagon fan here!  As a 2011 graduate of  the University of Washington who studied Political Science with a minor in South Asian Languages and Literature, Katy is also an avid Husky football fan, enjoying games in all the glory and natural beauty that is Husky Stadium.

We are happy that Katy is a part of our  team and we wish her more professional and personal success at the MAC.


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