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Be Alpha Strong

Alpha Strong PicAs the first letter in the Greek alphabet, the word Alpha is synonymous with a “beginning” or being “first.” It can also be used to describe someone who is “the leader”, “the strongest” or “the best.”  If you are looking for a new beginning to your fitness routine or you are looking to take your fitness and strength levels to the very top of your potential, then we suggest being first in line for the MAC’s latest program…Alpha Strong.

Alpha Strong is a unique fitness and strength program that uses specially designed sandbags instead of more traditional weighted equipment.  The use of sandbags has been around for decades in underground fitness facilities and old-school gyms with the shifting sand in the bags making for a challenging and effective workout.  Alpha Strong combines these purposely fabricated sandbags with full body movement exercises to create a more mainstream workout that is all the rage.  A member of our MAC Fitness Team traveled to Chico, California, home of the Alpha Strong equipment and workouts,  to learn and bring this exciting new program back for our members.  MAC Fitness Manager, Scott Jansen, will be leading participants through six weeks of Alpha Strong classes beginning October 13th.  There is no limit to the number of participants but  you must pre-register and undergo a skill level evaluation prior to joining.

We are excited to bring this new class to MAC members who are striving to reach their fitness potential.  If you are interested in being Alpha Strong, contact the front desk or email training@macseattle.com.



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