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Meet Issaquah Fitness

IF LogoWe are proud to announce that we will be changing our name from the Sammamish Club to Issaquah Fitness with a public announcement this summer. When the Sammamish club joined the Issaquah community in 1998 the city of Sammamish did not exist. The city of Sammamish came into existence in 1999 and as a result we have been met with some confusion.

While many members are a part of the Sammamish community, the club is in fact located in Issaquah. In this day and age of web searches, many new members of our community do not realize we are a fitness option in Issaquah.

As part of the transition, we have already started the process of changing our signage and branding. We envision most branding changes will be completed by October but some elements may take longer to convert. As part of this transition, all of our members will receive new membership shirts.

We are excited about becoming Issaquah Fitness and continuing to offer progressive fitness programs for our members and the community of Issaquah.


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