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Sammammish Club Member Spotlight: Jason Arefi

image002Sammamish Club member Jason Arefi enjoys life.  Spend a few moments with him and this becomes fairly evident… from his great stories and observations to his jokes and infectious laugh.  For the last 12 years, the Sammamish Club has played a small part in Jason’s enjoyment of life.

Jason’s three major tenets for enjoying life are “travel, come to gym, and drink wine” he says laughingly.  When he is not working in sales for Sharp Electronics, Jason is usually invested in one, if not all three, of his favorite pursuits.  At the Sammamish Club, Jason’s gym of choice, he holds true to his philosophy of enjoying life by making sure to try all that the club offers.  He’s not sure there is a class he has NOT taken but Jason especially enjoys working with Fitness Manager, John McKinnon, in classes like Chizzled, Cycling, Core and also individually for some personal training time.  Jason credits John’s attitude, work ethic and enthusiasm as a big influence on his own love of fitness..  And in turn, Jason jokes that he is sure he has helped put John’s kids through college.  Besides John, Jason is quick to mention that all trainers have been very welcoming in any class he has participated.  And that attitude has translated into Jason’s comfort at trying new fitness classes like yoga, pilates and even dance.

As far as the other parts to Jason’s equation for enjoying life, it is a rare weekend that doesn’t involve some sort of travel, whether that is on the water in his boat or road tripping in his RV.  When not traveling locally in the northwest, Jason and his wife like to journey internationally, especially to more exotic locations like Spain, as well as Nice and Epernay in France.  Jason’s favorite location is Dubai which he visits once a year because, he jests, the high salt content in the water helps a limited swimmer like himself float.  And while Jason realizes that a glass of good wine may not always be complementary to his fitness goals, it is often a nice way to end a day of travel or a tough workout (especially when your wine executive wife has access to the “good stuff”).

Jason really enjoys the current community atmosphere at the Sammamish Club but also recognizes that “friendly feeling” was not always there in the past.  He remembers a time when the club was not as well maintained and the staff was not as cordial.  He is very happy that all that has changed for the better.  And as a member of two other fitness clubs on the eastside that, Jason is happy to spend the majority of time at the Sammamish Club for his exercise needs…as long as we “don’t get rid of the climbing machine and John McKinnon.”

Thank you Jason for sharing a little about yourself.  We hope that you always include the Sammamish Club as your gym in our recipe for enjoying life.


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