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Meet our New Aquatics Manager


Carter Murch has a vision that someday in the future he’ll be living in “The Adventure Capital of the World”, Queenstown, New Zealand.  He’ll be leading an adventurous life hiking, skiing, mountain biking, bungee jumping… but most importantly, he’ll be an expert in the art of teaching people to live fully through an active and fit lifestyle.  Carter knows realizing that vision starts in the here and now and at present, Carter Murch is the new Aquatics Manager at the Sammamish Club.

Fitness has really become a passion for Carter in the last few years, so much so that it caused a course correction in the direction his life was heading.  Originally looking toward a military career with an elite unit like the Navy Seals, he realized that the fitness levels and physical and mental discipline associated with those positions were the real attraction.  Having redirected his focus toward experiencing and teaching fitness, Carter found his way to the Sammamish Club about a year and a half ago, where he has been teaching swim lessons and conducting personal training.  As the club recently looked to transition away from a third party contract to establish its own aquatics program, Carter’s enthusiasm and experience became a natural fit for the position of Aquatics Manager.

Carter’s vision for the aquatics program is an extension of his overall passion for fitness.  He believes that the pool is another excellent tool for people to use to stay fit.  When he teaches swimming lessons to kids, it is his goal that they learn to be safe and confident in the water so that the can use the pool effectively for their fitness goals. Carter also hopes his students can translate that confidence and safety to then try water activities on lakes, rivers and beaches thus expanding their fitness experiences.  In the future, Carter hopes to expand beyond the current adult-oriented aquatics programming to include more unique classes that really take advantage of the low-impact and high-cardio benefits of the pool.

Good luck on your new position, Carter.

If you have questions about the Sammamish Club’s current aquatics programs or lessons, feel free to contact Carter at cmurch@sammamishclub.com.



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