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Need a New Group Workout? Check out Rizzmic!

rizzmic jump

Have your workouts grown tiresome and monotonous?  Do you need something to put a little more fun into your exercise routine?  We suggest you give Rizzmic a try.

Rizzmic is a group fitness program that pairs authentic dance style with the most beloved music from the last century of American culture.  It seamlessly blends fitness with truly stylized dance, hitting each big craze on the map; from Disco and Country, to Hip Hop and Jazz!  Rizzmic uses the most popular dance styles in virtually every genre from the 1920’s to now, bringing a massive variety of movement into a focused American theme.

You can count on a great cardio workout which will increase endurance, stamina and will improve agility, balance, body awareness and build core strength.  Here are what some current Sammamish Club members are saying about Rizzmic:

“This is our favorite class to enjoy doing together with easy to follow moves!  Michael and I both love the cardio benefit and time flies by!”

– Michael and Joy Paulson

“It is a great whole body exercise that does not feel like exercise, nevertheless it’s pretty physical.  It is always fun, feels like a party, and this party is good for your health.  It allows you to be a bit creative, to release emotions, to switch off from everyday life.   The instructors are great, friendly, and easy-going. There is no pressure or competition.”

– Irina

Classes at the Sammamish Club are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm and are taught by one of Rizzmic’s creators, Melain Blue.

We hope you join the rest of the Sammamish Club members who have already discovered the extreme fun and the fitness benefits of Rizzmic.

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