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MAC Member Spotlight: Denise Liguori

Denise Small406693_10200136781563891_61784585_nCaring for a forest and one’s own health and fitness can present similar challenges and solutions. Dealing with growth, change, outside influences and maturity are important issues for both cases. As an employee with King County’s  Forestry Program and an avid fitness enthusiast, MAC member Denise Liguori has spent time securing a healthy future for King County’s forests and for herself as well.

When restoring a forest, it’s critically important to know exactly what problems exist and the best way to solve them. For this, you need an expert, and when it comes to fixing our forests, Denise is a pro. She was born in Washington and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Spokane. The forests, rivers,wetlands and plains surrounding her sparked a love for the outdoors that continues to this day and which she pursued as a career.  After graduating with a degree in botany from The Evergreen State College, Denise went to work at a Forestry lab at the University of Washington. While most people picture scientists as isolated brainiacs toiling away in a sterile room, as a forestry researcher Denise was living a vastly different life. She would camp out in the wilderness that forms Washington’s big backyard in order to deepen her understanding of the environment we all share.

Leaving the UW forestry lab, Denise went to work for King County rooting out the invasive weeds that threaten our native flora, preventing new . After moving to Seattle from the eastside, Denise joined Magnuson Athletic Club. With a packed work schedule and many obligations, she wanted to get the most out of her time at the MAC. Denise started working with MAC trainer Amy Larsen, to help her create efficient and effective exercise habits and routines.  Just as effective training helps restoration workers understand the subtleties of a healthy forest, Amy’s training helped Denise achieve fantastic results toward a healthy and fit life. Within a year of joining Magnuson Athletic Club, Denise lost 75 pounds and found that her sleep had improved and her back pain had disappeared.

When it comes to effective exercise, Denise says that making a habit is key. She runs every weekend with her college friends, and also enjoys biking and swimming. On weekdays, Denise is a MAC fixture in the early mornings, either training with Amy or joining in a spin class.


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