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MAC Employee Spotlight: McKenna Bjorkelo


If you ever come to Magnuson Athletic Club with kids in tow, you’re sure to meet McKenna Bjorkelo. An ebullient ball of energy, McKenna runs the MiniMAC. Every morning when the MiniMAC opens, kids swarm in, and McKenna works tirelessly to make sure that they have the best experience possible.

In the Kids Club, McKenna’s favorite days are when everyone goes to the FunZone Inflatable Playground at Arena Sports. She likes the FunZone because it gives her the opportunity to bounce around with the kids in a safe environment.

Born in Seattle, before joining the MAC McKenna worked in childcare at another gym. Beyond the MAC, McKenna wants be an activities director in a senior center. She studies social and human services. In her work, McKenna wants to pursue her passion for working with both children and seniors, and is excited to be able to do so at the MAC.

With a love for the outdoors that seems to come naturally for Seattlites, McKenna spends her time appreciating the diverse scenery our region has to offer, either by running, hiking or boating. She also frequents Magnuson Athletic Club as a member, and particularly appreciates the sense of community there.


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