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Sammamish Club Employee Spotlight: Maria Murphy

photo (10)reas-cuses noun  /ree-skyüs-us/:

the attempt at using reasons to defend and explain excuses for not working out with a personal trainer, usually resulting in an illogical statement.  Ex: “I want to train with you, but I have to get in shape first.”


Although “reas-cuses” is not a real word, the act of coming up with any number of reasons to avoid working out is a real affliction, one that Sammamish Club Personal Trainer, Maria Murphy, has seen before.  In fact, she invented the word “reas-cuses” to describe the phenomenon.  If you suffer from this particular malady, Maria would like to help you find a cure.

Maria has been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years and throughout that time, she has heard and seen it all. She started her professional life as a nurse in her home country of Sweden.  She moved to the US, got married and stayed home to raise her three young sons.  It was not long after, that she met, John McKinnon, current  Fitness Manager at the Sammamish Club.  Maria started taking some fitness classes from John and she was hooked.  With it’s focus on helping others live healthier lives, the fitness world seemed a natural transition from her training and early work as a nurse.  SInce that time, Maria has received multiple certifications in Personal Fitness Training and is an experienced GX, cycling  and pilates instructor.  But her real passion is the martial art of Muay Thai.  Maria is a certified Muay Thai Boxing instructor and she really enjoys incorporating her Muay Thai experience into her training routines.  She is a huge fan of the culture and discipline that surrounds Muay Thai and finds that the movements, coordination, balance  and emphasis on core strength are really transferable to her personal and group training programs. Maria’s dynamic training has even attracted the attention of professional athletes seeking a competitive edge; working for a couple of years with former Seahawks, Chris Spencer and Leonard Weaver.

Maria has been training Sammamish Club members for about a year now.  Besides her GX classes, she also leads cycling classes, works with the pilates instructors and does personal training. She really enjoys the club community and working with all different types of people.  At any given time, her clients can range from young kids who are learning the discipline and advantages of the martial arts, to adults looking to regain fitness levels and body shape, to individuals regaining strength, mobility and confidence after an injury and even 90 year olds still focused on fitness.  It is a testament to her work that Maria boasts multiple clients that she has continued to train for the last 20 years.

Maria’s passion and mission is clear:  to help as many people feel better physically so they can have more success in their lives.  She is always concerned that people are intimidated about reaching out to a personal trainer for fear of not being fit enough to start or worried about further pain if trying to recover from a current injury.  Maybe that is why Maria’s unassuming and compassionate style has been so popular with clients through the last 20 years.  If you are looking for change in your fitness routine and your life, give Maria a chance to share her experience with you.

So, no more “reas-cuses.”  Contact Maria at  mmurphy@sammamishclub.com to begin your journey to a more fit life.


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