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Sammamish Club Member Spotlight: Isabela Mailman

_DSC0448Life on a farm can be hard work but very rewarding.  Sometimes the hard work produces big rewards like prizes and recognition for training animals.  Sometimes the rewards are as simple as bringing the food or flowers fresh from your garden to your dinner table.  For Sammamish Club Member Isabela Mailman, the rewards of living and working on her small farm are well worth the hard work.  And that hard work many times starts early in the morning at the Sammamish Club gym.

Isabela and her husband have a small farm in Fall City.  On their farm, the work includes caring for and training horses, the care and management of a Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding business and the upkeep of a bountiful garden.  Isabela also competes as a rider in the equestrian sport of dressage as well as leads her dogs in show and agility competitions.  From hauling feed to tilling gardens to training for hours with animals, Isabela’s life requires stamina, agility and strength.  As a member of the Sammamish Club for the last eight years, she has spent a lot of hard work staying fit to support her daily routine on the farm.  Initially, Isabela would spend her time in the gym independently, using the weights and the cardio machines.  However, as time passed, Isabela started to notice that her usual workout routines were not producing the same results.  As she puts it, “I got to an age when things didn’t peel off as quickly as they used to” when she worked out.  That is when Isabela enlisted the help of Sammamish Club trainer, Carter Murch.  For the past 10 weeks, Carter has helped Isabel stay motivated and push her threshold in order to achieve her personal fitness goals.  With a personal trainer, she has also been able to target specific core muscle groups to strengthen, aiding her pursuits as an competitive equestrian rider.  Although the early mornings workouts can test her motivation, Isabela is very cognizant of the important role her fitness plays in her life. “This has become a necessity for me to continue to do what I do” she states.

For her eight years as a member at the club, Isabela has noticed the changes that have come with different ownership groups and is happy with some of the more recent modifications.  Besides the new equipment in the gym and the addition of the adjacent Arena Sports facility, she has started to notice a more family and community feel to the club that was missing in years past.  That feeling was probably best represented a couple of weeks ago when leaving the club, someone commented “Hey, good workout today.”  For Isabela, that small gesture from a fellow club member, not only exemplified the support she feels as a Sammamish Club member but also reinforced her farm-raised philosophy of reaping the rewards for her hard work.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Isabela.  The Sammamish Club is happy to support your continued success reaching your fitness goals so that you can continue farming, riding and training.



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