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MAC Employee Spotlight: Mike Reed

Mike's MAC PhotoMAC Personal Fitness Trainer, Mike Reed, is waiting for the perfect set.  There was a time, not long ago, when that would mean he was sitting on a surfboard, a couple hundred yards off-shore, scanning the horizon with a critical eye for the set of waves that would produce the ride that would feed his passion for surfing.  Today, the perfect set Mike is training his discerning eye toward is coming from his client who is attempting a set of squats or bicep curls.  Scanning to make sure body positioning is correct…ready to interject some last second adjustment, Mike’s attention to detail is the mark of his dedication to fitness training done the right way. And Mike would like to share his experience and passion for fitness with his personal training clients.

Mike Reed grew up in the Seattle area and has always had an attraction to the water.  On a family vacation to Hawaii when he was 10, he was introduced to surfing and was hooked, not only to the sport but to the healthy lifestyle that living and surfing in Hawaii meant to him.  As the waves called to Mike throughout the years, he tried to feed his hunger surfing the local Northwest waters.  However, the five hour round trips to the Washington coast just to surf the sloppy breaks and frigid black waters did not seem to quench his thirst for waves.  So at the age of 22, he packed a bag and moved to the islands.  While the surfing was fantastic, the living was hard, expensive and lonely.  Mike tried to make the transition to living in Hawaii but things did not work out and he came back to Seattle to find his next adventure.

Becoming a fitness trainer was not on Mike’s radar when returning back to Seattle.  However, after working at the front desk of Sound, Mind & Body Gym, Mike started to gain an appreciation and a passion for the world of fitness training.  He found the personal training and nutrition as perfect complements to his already active lifestyle.  With some great mentors at the gym, Mike started to realize he could make personal training a career.  And just as those waves in Hawaii called to him, Mike was called to throw himself into learning his fitness craft.  He obtained his personal training certification and also accepted a 5 month internship to work at the renowned Cressey Performance Gym in Massachusetts.  Although Cressey Performance is most noted for their work in training professional, amateur and youth baseball players, Mike found that their methods, integrity and attention to detail easily translated to the needs of anyone seeking personal training.  Mike came back to his old gym and started his life as a personal trainer.  When the chance to move to the Magnuson Athletic Club arose, Mike took the opportunity.

When Mike works with one of his clients, he is admittedly not a “rah, rah” kind of trainer.  He is not going to yell or get in a clients face in order to propel them to push their limits.  Instead, Mike starts by really listening to figure out his clients goals whether it be reaching advanced athletic performance or it is recovery from an injury.  He then sets up an individual detailed program for his client to achieve their fitness objectives.  Mike is a stickler for proper form as he preaches that quality of movement and exercise is important for effective training and results.  It also builds a foundation of safety as proper form and technique help to prevent injuries and allows the trainee to advance from simpler movements and exercises to more complex ones with greater ease.  Like every trainer, Mike is happy when a client reaches a milestone.  But when he sees proper form and technique being used he says it produces “a proud moment” for him as he knows that will take his client a long way towards their ultimate goal.

If you are looking for someone to help you achieve your fitness goals by developing a quality, results-oriented and safe program, contact  Mike Reed.  And whether he is sharing a story of an epic wave or he is showing you the proper technique for a specific exercise, you can be sure that the “perfect set” is always on his mind.

Want to schedule a training with Mike? Contact him at mreed@macseattle.com 


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