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MAC Employee Spotlight: Dustin Short

Dustin's MAC Photo‘Pura Vida’ translates as ‘pure life.’ But in Costa Rica, the phrase means more than its literal translation.  Whether used as a greeting, or as an exclamation, the words have come to symbolize an attitude or cultural philosophy of living the good life in mind and body.  Dustin Short, one of the Magnuson Athletic Club’s Personal Trainers has spent a lot of time studying and living ‘pura vida’ and wants to help others “live their good life.”

Dustin grew up in the Northwest where he was an outstanding soccer player for both Shorecrest High School and then Linfield College in Oregon.  But an adventurer’s spirit and a lifelong desire to learn Spanish would take Dustin and his wife Kim to Costa Rica in 2006.  During their five year adventure in the tropical Central American country, Dustin was able to rekindle his love of soccer, playing for a local semi-pro team.  He also started a youth soccer club to share his passion for the game with local kids.  To add to their experience of the good life, Dustin and Kim started a family with the birth of their first son, Kai.  Dustin also befriended JT, a personal trainer on an extended sabbatical in Costa Rica.  JT had started a small gym and personal training business while there, but offered the practice to Dustin when he was ready to head back stateside.  With JT mentoring him for a few months, Justin felt personal training was a natural fit for him with his experience in the gym as a soccer player and his love of an active lifestyle.  Dustin took over the business and his life as a personal trainer was under way. After a couple more years training and living in Costa Rica, it was time to bring his growing family back to the states and continue living the good life in Seattle.


After receiving his Personal Trainer certification and working at another local gym, Dustin was able to come on board at the MAC in August 2013.  He has been impressed with the MAC’s facilities and space as well as the variety of classes and trainings they offer.  Since his start, Dustin has been working as a team trainer, using his soccer experience to provide strength and fitness training for Seattle United youth soccer teams.  He has also been building his client list as a personal trainer.  He feels his experiences as an athlete and a coach really lend themselves toward his effective personal training style.  Whether helping an athlete push themselves to reach untapped potential, or providing guidance and support for someone recovering mobility and strength after an injury, or perhaps helping someone lose weight and change their body shape, Dustin has the critical knowledge needed to help others reach their fitness goals.  Because of his experience with injuries as an athlete, he is very conscious of designing personal fitness programs that can cater to injury rehabilitation as well as injury prevention.  To help his trainees reach their goals, Dustin is not afraid to incorporate a little yoga into his training programs, the benefit of marrying and practicing yoga with his wife, a certified instructor, for the last eight years.


When he is not working with members at the MAC, Dustin loves spending time with his wife and two young sons.  He also continues to coach youth soccer and enjoys taking advantage of the great outdoor activities the Northwest provides.   Even though he is not living in Costa Rica anymore, Dustin still strives to live the good life.   If you are looking to push your training to the next level or you need help regaining strength and mobility after an injury, Dustin Short is dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals so you can find your own ‘pura vida.’

Want to schedule a training with Dustin? Contact him at dshort@macseattle.com


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