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Look Beyond the Scale

gary-inbody-analysisEver since the first scale was invented people have been fixated on their weight. But by looking at only one number, you might be missing out on achieving your real fitness goals.

A scale can only measure one aspect of your body – your weight. However, by exercising, you are not just losing weight, but also building muscle and changing the composition of your body. Until now, measuring these results has been difficult, making it hard to quantify the full benefits of exercise and diet changes. In order to help our members gain a better understanding of their progress, we’ve introduced Body Composition Testing by InBody at Sammamish Club and Magnuson Athletic Club.

The InBody 370 is an easy-to-use device that sends tiny, painless currents of electricity through your body as you stand on it. By measuring your body’s resistance to these currents, it determines the amount of muscle, fat and water present in your arms, legs and trunk. Using these current body composition results, you can determine areas of your fitness program that are working and areas you might need to change in order to reach your goals. The full picture of your success will become clear when you are able to compare multiple test results from different periods on your fitness timeline. If you want to learn more, this video has details on how the test works.

As we introduce this new service, we are offering one test for $35 or two tests for $50. See your personal trainer or the front desk to schedule an appointment!


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