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Feed the Muscles Your Mama Gave Ya!

fruit-and-yogurt-parfait-01If we think back – The good ol’ basic rules from Mom are the best guidelines for daily healthy living

Stuff like – Eat a good breakfast! Get enough sleep, Share, Chew your food, Get your chores done and then you can play and so on!

Might it be good to implement a couple of these good ‘ol basics back into your life?  It may make you healthier and happier! If you don’t already eat a great breakfast every morning – get back at it!

Especially if you want to lose weight and have increased energy, getting a good breakfast is a MUST!

All of my Body Breakthrough participants know that the most fundamental weight loss tools is to eat a good breakfast within 1 hour of waking up. But what is a good breakfast? A meal consisting of energizing and anti-inflammatory grains with high quality  protein will set you up for a great day and help you burn fat all day long!

My best go to is Grain-ola, a recipe from Heidi Swanson (Supernatural Cooking) with Goat Milk Yogurt.

About 1 cup Goat Yogurt – I recommend Skyhill.

And ¾ cup grain-ola.

I have the recipe in this weeks foods! – This has about 15 grams of protein total, no refined sugars and is gluten free. Meeting all of my Body Breakthrough Diet requirements:  DAIRY FREE, WHEAT FREE, SUGAR FREE.

Read on for other great meals I am prepping this weekend for a busy work week.  Get your meals prepped and at the ready – so you can soar through your busy and exciting days !

As always – I have a grain dish, a veg dish and a protein dish – all delicious !  and ready to be in your fridge – to load on a plate after a hard day of work and working out.  Feed yourself right – or … feel lazy and look soft !

Keep feeding your muscles – and working them as well to keep you lean and defined! Not sure what to do in the gym? Check out my kettlebell 101 series starting June 13th. It’ll incinerate fat and cut down your workout time! TRAIN SMARTER… Look Awesome!!

– Breanne Curran



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