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Be the Superhero of Your Life

Do you feel you need superpowers to “do” your life?   Does transporting kids to multiple activities in opposite directions require you to be faster than a speeding bullet?  Do you need to be more powerful than a locomotive to handle the daily grind as a professional?  Does your travel schedule r3264835272_92ce20c119equire you to leap multiple time-zones in a single bound?  Is your role as breadwinner, wife, mother or all of the above, leaving you zapped of energy and motivation?  If your answer is yes, you are not alone.  Many women are seeking more strength, stamina and confidence to deal with the challenges of their full lives.  But do not fear!  Your friends at the Magnuson Athletic Club are here to help you find the superhero inside with our group training called Wonder Women.

Wonder Women is a small group fitness program designed for women of all ages looking to build their fitness in order to thrive in a busy life, all while benefiting from the support of other ladies.

Each 60-minute, total body workout, incorporates strength training and cardiovascular fitness designed specifically to benefit women who lead active lives and those who want to. The small group setting is the perfect environment to have fun and get healthy. The program will provide you with foundational exercises that you’ll learn to master, while continually adding new movements to your routine. Each exercise will be hand selected with a safety first mentality, yet challenging enough for you to achieve your fitness goals. This will be an opportunity to give beneficial time back to yourself, while also helping you obtain your own superhero physique and stamina.

The women meet daily Monday-Friday and participation offers small group training at discounted rates. Come and get fit while forming new friendships and bonds with other women looking to achieve your same goals.

For more information about this small group, including times offered and cost, please contact your front desk or Fitness Manager Scott Jansen (sjansen@macseattle.com).


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